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Adventures Unlimited Press (AUP) has been around for over two decades and is a leader in books on alternative technology, secret government programs and other cutting edge topics.


The Owner and Founder of AUP is David Hatcher Childress. His first book was A Hitchhiker's Guide to Africa and Arabia for the Chicago Review Press. When he demanded to know why his royalty check was so small they informed him that if one really wanted to make money in publishing the thing to do is to publish, not write. Taking their advise to heart he formed his own Publishing House, Adventures Unlimited Press, to publish his books. David has been around the world and after extensively traveling and working in the Orient and Africa he began his fledgling firm with Lost Cities of China, Central Asia, and India: A Traveler's Guide, which was to be the first in his Lost Cities Series. At the same time he published The Anti-Gravity Handbook, the first in the Lost Science Series.


He soon began reprinting books by fellow adventurers in the Mystic Traveler Series. With the success of his anti-gravity books he began writing about and reprinting material by famous inventor Nikola Tesla, under the Lost Science Series imprint. Many more books by other authors would follow.


Within a decade he had added a number of classic UFO books, written by both him and others, and the Atlantis Reprint Series to the AUP catalog. He soon found himself in the center of a growing circle of alternative energy researchers, secret history and beyond-the-box science authors and parapolitical theorists.


In the mid-1990s AUP expanded into printing new books on controversial subjects by many new authors, and in increasing the diversity of it reprint series. This included underground classics like Richard Sauder’s Underground Bases and Tunnels and the Mind Control and Conspiracies Series on the one hand, and books like The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ by Levi Dowling and The Riddle of the Pacific and The Mystery of Easter Island on the other. This has continued on in ever-widening scope into the 21st Century. For the complete list of all titles published by AUP click on the AUP TITLES tabs above.


He also began marketing and printing arrangements with other authors and publishers, like Bonnie Gaunt, Ralph Ellis, Frontier Publishing and the Borderland Science Foundation. If you think you would like to write a book for AUP, or you have one that you think is perfect for us, please click on the WRITERS GUIDELINES tab.


For more info on David Hatcher Childress and to read a recent interview with him done by a reporter for the Chicago Reader, see:


AUP now offers videos produced in-house and from other sources. AUP also sponsors an annual conference where AUP authors discuss their recent books. Two series of conference videos are now available on DVD, with more set to follow. Adventures Unlimited Media is currently preparing to produce a TV series for an educational channel and a “B” monster movie for theatrical release.


From the beginning David also found books by other publishers that fit with the themes of his growing catalog. From a modest one sheet list of just eight titles his mail order empire has grown to twice annual catalogs listing more than 400 titles and a vast on-line bookstore of hundreds more, including VHS and DVD videos and CD audio presentations. From a modest rented retail space AUP has grown to a large bookstore and worldwide fulfillment center, plus a separate warehouse, in Kempton, Illinois. Expanding the Adventures Unlimited brand we now have affiliated bookstores spread across North America and around the world.




To order a copy of our 64 page catalog or to find the location of an AUP bookstore near you, visit our website. Our on-line bookstore has even more titles than the printed catalog!



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In the early 1990s David also founded the World Explorers Club (WEX). WEX is not affiliated with the Explorers Club of New York. WEX publishes World Explorer Magazine and provides hospitality to weary travelers in our clubhouses in Kempton, Illinois, and half a dozen other locales across North America, Europe, and England. For more on what Kempton has to offer click on the KEMPTON FACILITIES tab. The World Explorers Club also sponsors guided expeditions to exotic and historic locations like Egypt, Mayan Central America and the South Pacific. For more info on WEX and its locations, upcoming activities and membership options, see:



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