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I MET YOU IN A DREAM -- page one





                         Deep in forest green

                      Elfin maiden singing songs

                         Forever's not a when




       Night in the village

          Hero with magic sword

          Proud black stallion

       Painted eaves, sculptured shutters

          A night bird's call

          Heart beats

             A sense of velvet

          A dream Hunter

          Prowls in mystic darkness . . .


       Nightingales in blossoms sing

       Elfland host dance in fairy ring

                   My love, she calls to me


       Snowy swan casts twilight shade

       Through mountain pass and forest glade

                   She calls to me


       Ancient trees dream through winter's night

       Nestlings greet each spring's new light

                   And still, she calls to me


       Life dreams--

          Whispering schemes

       Crimson apples in an azure sky

          Soft plans

          Sweeping sands

       Silver apples in a midnight sky

          Wet dreams

          Moon beams

       Azure apples in a crimson sky


       Horse and Hunter stand

          Brow of hill

       A dreamer's dawn in scarlet reflections

          Brow of Hunter

       Lips give wind to Hunter's horn

       Ears perked

          Brow of beast

       A brightening sky

       Pregnant with summer thunder

       Gives green promise

       The Lady's gentle magic

       Draws him into

       A day of rainbows

          Brow of Lady




                   As sun on snow peaks


                      A sense of lace

                   On the air

                   On my cheek

                   In the sky



       Cool of the morning

          Music of the creek

       Melt water on round stones

          Frog croaks

          Insect drone

          Flutter of bird's wings

       Blossoms drift in the current

       Scent of wild flowers

       Smell of pine


          Sense of leather

                Lonely Hunter


                My heart

                      On the wing

                For you

                      In the sky

                Hoof beats!

                      Comes the Hunter


                      Song of my heart

                You, the gazelle

                      I, the Hunter

                On a quest of the heart

                      Lonely Hunter



          Taffeta frill

       Dancing Lady

       Curtsies to meadow flowers

       Dew-drop petal eyes wink back

       Hawk hovers high

       In ridge-top morning song

       Touch tag cloud game

          And the Lady

          Dances on . . .


       Life schemes--

          Living dreams

       Alien apples in a surrealistic sky

          Quiet chats

          Vampire bats

       Little green apples in a Roger Miller sky

          Wet streets

          Talking bird that greets

       Surrealistic apples in a dreamer's sky


       Daisies dot

          Meadow grass

       Day grows hot

          Mid-day, mid-summer

       And the Lady dances

          Lacy silhouette

       Soft against a brilliant sky

       A summer song drifts

       In the pollen-laden air

          The life fires of the year

          Are banked high in a blaze

       And the Lady

          Dances on . . .


       Does the moon of September


          The heat of heart fires in spring?

       Can the mid-year moon of solstitial June


          The flood poured forth from the heart

          In July?

       And the January moon,

          What of her?

          What is quickening in her deep

                Or is she simply asleep?


                      I've hunted you

                      Beneath all these moons

                      And more . . .


       Ah, the August orb

          Languid Lady of summer lust

          Hot days and warm nights

          Silver rays on midnight delights . . .


       A spring moon

       Fills the heart

       Like a sweet and sparkling wine

       But the harvest moon

       Fertility temptress

       Fills the mind

       Like a deep and heady brew


             Dancing Lady

             I am hunting you

             With bow drawn

             Soon you'll feel

             My love's dart

                   Sense of skin

                   Lonely Hunter


       Life reaches--

          Shaping matter to will

       Loving apples in a translucent sky

          Touching hands

          Marriage plans

       Silken apples in a velvet sky

          And she withdraws

          To make him reach the more

       Living apples in a golden sky

          Have you dreamed before?




                When sun splashes

                On my face

                High above the world

                Alpine rainbow bridge

                      It's you I'm thinking of



                Kiss me the scented

                Sunset of you


                Fly me the secret

                Orange rind heart of you


                            I kiss the hands

                            That have touched you

                               In joyous hope of resurrection

                               In your smile


       Life hopes--

          True love

       Heart-felt apples in a lover's hand

          Meaningful relations

          United Nations

       Velvet apples in a silken sky

          Honesty and trust

          Childhood innocence

       Sweet green apples in a neighbor's yard

          Have you reached before?

                   Blue eyes flash

                   Across spaces

                   And a vision

                   Of futures

                   Slides into place

       Golden apples in a perfumed hand

          Have you schemed before?

                   Reservations for two

                   Perfect music

                   Delicious food

                   A touch of mystery

                   That magic moment

       Perfumed apples in an agate tree

          Have you lived before?

                   Rocket realms

                   And frontier wastes

                   Electronics and stone cities

       Ebony apples in a golden hand

          Have you loved before?


       The Lady dances

          Lace and dragonflies

       Toes touch meadow grass

          And reach to the Earth's core

       Fingers pierce the sky

          Hawk is a ring on her finger

       Clouds laugh in high places

          And the Lady dances on . . .


                                                          cat soft

                                                    the chase

                                           a falling star

                                                             to me




                                                             so sweet



                                           let forth your imprisoned oy!






                                        sing of us together


                               yet new in this time



                               I will sing you a dawn

                            and populate it with galaxies


                         hunt you

                with passionate pageantry

             magic sword drawn

                                     sense of satin

                                  lonely Hunter




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