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The Final Secret

of the Holy Lance

Part Three


In Adolf Hitler And The Secrets of The Holy Lance Col. Buechner and Capt. Bernhard detail how the Hartmann Expedition came about.  It began, they wrote, in 1969 when Rudolph Hess was taken to a British hospital for the treatment of ulcers.  Several days later an ex-crew member of U-boat 530, one of the subs that had surrendered at Mar del Plata after the war’s end, received the key to a bank box in Switzerland.  This box led to another where a number of sealed envelopes were found, along with a large amount of liquid assets.  The message had been signed “H.”


The sealed envelopes in the Swiss bank were opened by the former U-530 crewmember. He was instructed to contact and deliver the contents of the box to the man whom Hitler had personally entrusted with sending some of his most prized possessions, including the Holy Lance, to Antarctica.  In Buechner and Bernhard’s books he would only be identified as “Colonel Maximilian Hartmann” a name they admitted to being false.  Hartmann did not leave Germany at the end of the war, but he saw to it that senior officials, like Martin Bormann, Hitler’s personal secretary, and the Reich treasure Hitler had entrusted to him got out in two or more subs in the final days of the war.  This group of subs, somewhere between three and twelve in number, have often been referred to as the “Fuehrer Convoy.”  It was part of the northern “Rat Line” that helped escaping Nazis – and may have conveyed the Fuehrer himself!


The sailor did as instructed, passing the envelopes to Colonel Hartmann. In the first one Hartmann found a coded message from Professor Karl Haushofer.  Haushofer was to the Third Reich what the Rev. Billy Graham has been to the last several American Presidents, and then some.  More than confidant, Haushofer actively molded the thinking of the Nazi inner core.  His beliefs were part of the motivation for the Nazi search for the Ark of the Covenant and Agharta, the mystical realm of enlightened beings who lived inside the hollow earth!  Decoded, his message revealed the exact location of the bronze boxes Hartmann had sent to Antarctica aboard a submarine so many years before. 


The second envelope instructed Hartmann to recreate Himmler’s Knight’s Grand Council, only this time the knights were to dedicate themselves, and use the power of the Holy Lance, for the purpose of world peace.  The organization was also to be called by a new name, Knights of the Holy Lance.


The third envelop contained a very large sum of money.  With it Hartmann set about the task of creating the Knights of the Holy Lance and preparing to recover their mystic talisman, the Spear of Destiny.  As Buechner and “Bernhart” put it:


In 1974 the Order of the Knights was reorganized by a former German army officer named Colonel Maximilian Hartmann, but now the group had a vastly different purpose. This time there was no ancient castle for a meeting place. The military uniforms had been replaced by business suits and guns had given way to briefcases.  Violence had disappeared and the wisdom of negotiation had taken its place.


While the major objective of their new direction was the attainment of world peace, or so we are asked to believe, they also put the reunification of their homeland as a central goal.  Of overriding importance was the need for the power and guidance of the Holy Lance.  They believed that there was little hope of success without it.  The recovery of the Lance became their first objective.  They knew that a secret expedition to Antarctica would be a Herculean task and that the cost would be incredible, but they were determined to succeed.


The Log of the Hartmann Expedition as quoted from and explained by Buechner and Bernhart details a long and somewhat implausible series of changes of planes, boats and finally a helicopter to arrive in Antarctica.  Although Buechner seemed to accept the authenticity of the log your authors had a hard time swallowing it.  Frankly, it reads like poor amateur fiction.  Still, what would you expect from an aging businessman writing in German, then translated into English by an equally aged German sailor who picked up English as a second language?  We suspect the narrative was laced with misdirections and half-truths to prevent anyone from identifying those involved – assuming it happened at all of course.


Finally Col. Hartmann arrived in Antarctica aboard a helicopter with three other Knights of the Holy Lance.  They located and removed the steel plates placed over the entrance to Lance’s hiding place and found a steel lined tunnel leading into the mountain.  Quoting from the expedition’s log we read:


Our lights penetrate the steel tunnel which extends for approximately ten meters.  When we arrive at the end of the tunnel, we find ourselves in a huge cavernous area.  It seems warm.  As we search the cavern with our lights, we notice frozen pillars of ice in strange and grotesque shapes.  We penetrate into the cavern the distance of about 300 meters.  It is at this point that we came to a smaller cavern which turned towards the right and ended in a room approximately 80 meters in width and ten meters in height.  It is here that the Reich treasures are hidden!!!


At this point stands a small obelisk about a meter in height which marks the spot.  There is an inscription which reads as follows: “There are truly more things in heaven and ‘in’ earth than man has dreamt (Beyond this point is AGHARTA) Haushofer, 1943.”


Our lights immediately fall upon the treasure which consists of eight large bronze chests.  This makes two for each man and will require two trips.  Can we do it? This remains to be seen.  Each one of us grasps a bronze box in his hands.


Hartman was soon disappointed to realize that the weight of the boxes, in total, is too heavy for his team to carry back to their waiting helicopter.  Four of the boxes had to be left behind.  Hartmann continues:


The trek back is energy consuming and difficult.  We stop to rest several times along the return route.  The chests are growing heavier and heavier as we go along.  We have to stop and rest more frequently.  Finally we reach the [helicopter] just as complete exhaustion is setting in.  After one more brief rest, we begin our task of loading the bronze chests aboard.  Lothar and Heinz remove the extra fuel supply cell after pumping its contents into the main benzene tank...  Bits and pieces of unnecessary gear are discarded.  The loss of weight will compensate for the extra cargo.  Eight chests would have been an impossible load.


Shortly before we are ready to leave, the chest containing the Holy Lance is opened.  We all watch with profound fascination as Klauss knocks the bronze pin from the clasp.  Inside the chest is a faded leather case along with a variety of other items.  We carefully open the case.  It is there! the Holy Lance! the lance that pierced the side of Our Lord Jesus Christ! The oil torch we have lit … makes it seem like a ceremony.  I hold the Holy Lance aloft in my hand.  Without thinking, the words seem to flow from my mouth, “the Holy Lance points ever towards our eternal Deutschland.”


Buechner and Bernhart wrote that from Antarctica, Col. Hartman and his team made their way back to their starting point in Brazil, where papers were obtained for the Holy Lance, declaring it an art object.  This enabled them to slip it through customs with little or no difficulty.  Most of Hartmann’s team returned to Germany, and their everyday lives as successful but otherwise unremarkable businessmen.


Col. Hartmann, however, went on to the United States.  There he met with a former crewman from one of the submarines that, perhaps, Admiral Doenitz had used to ferry material and personnel to Station 211. Buechner and Bernhard claim that Col. Hartmann left certain items with this seaman, including a copy of the log of the Hartmann Expedition and a signed, handwritten letter of authenticity.  Hartmann then departed, taking the Spear back to Germany.





Buechner assures us that the Spear is now held in the protective custody of these Knights of the Holy Lance.  It would seem that their plan is working, for indeed, Germany is again reunited as a single, and very great, nation. Buechner died believing that these modern knights were guarding the Spear, preventing it from ever again falling into the wrong hands.  Are they?  Perhaps only time will tell.



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