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Reviews of 

Weather Warfare:

The Military’s Plan To Draft Mother Nature

by Jerry E. Smith




Jerry E. Smith's WEATHER WARFARE is THE bible for the topic! Smith's research is thorough, his handling of the evidence is sound, and the implications are staggering. Don't miss this book!

~ Joseph P Farrell

Author of Reich Of The Black Sun, The SS Brotherhood of the Bell, The Cosmic War, Sectrets of the Unified Field and the Giza Death Star Trilogy.




Attempts at modifying the weather go back to the original cloud-seeding experiments of the late 19th century, but in these modern times can include eco-terrorism involving electromagnetic scalar-wave technologies that can alter climate and trigger earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions, as former US Secretary of Defense William Cohen warned in 1997.


In WEATHER WARFARE, Jerry E. Smith looks at the weather control technologies that are transforming our world and the legislation aimed at prohibiting environmental modification (EnMod) but which the military flaunts doe to the loopholes. Indeed, the US Air Force plans to “own the weather” by 2025, using the weather as a “force multiplier.” Smith investigates earthquakes set off by underground nuclear tests, ongoing research into nudging hurricanes, and the possible link between HAARP and the space shuttle Columbia crash was well as “natural” disasters such as hurricane Katrina. He supports a proposed law to prevent the weaponization of space but put a stop to more high-tech weather control possibilities.


Any study of weather manipulation would not be complete without examination of chemtrails, the high-altitude spraying of chemical and/or biological agents possibly to serve as a sunscreen against global warming, as proposed by Dr. Edward Teller, father of the H-bomb. Smith suggests the spraying of these agents may have a population-control purpose, considering the deleterious side effects reported around the world.


Throughout his thought-provoking book, Smith discusses the ethical, social, environmental and global implications of all these weather modification technologies. We should all be very concerned that Nature has been “drafted” by the military.


~ Ruth Parnell

Nexus: New Times Magazine, Vol. 14, No. 2, March – April 2007



Jerry E. Smith has written a masterpiece of scholarship with Weather Warfare.  It shines light on this obscure subject and demonstrates that scientists and politicians are funding research which has and will be used to wage climate wars against innocent populations.  A hugely important book!

William H. Kennedy
host of Sphinx Radio

Jerry cuts through the status quo when it comes to a real examination of the real causes and culprits of what is called global warming. His book is a frightening view into our modern world where technology is being used that could potentially wipe out our species. A must read!

~ Alex Ansary, Host of Outside the Box

Control the Weather; Wage the War; Lose the Planet...

Primitive peoples once shook their spears at the heavens and chanted to entice the gods to favor them with rain or otherwise change the weather. Around the turn of the century, experimenters began seeding clouds with various chemicals that sometimes encouraged a much-needed downpour. That was a hundred years ago.
Technology has advanced.
In Weather Warfare, Jerry E. Smith reveals technology so sophisticated that it can alter weather patterns, trigger earthquakes, shake volcanoes into eruption, and initiate tsunamis. Massively budgeted projects play with powerful environment-busting science, and the militaries of various nations are the biggest users…and abusers.
So potentially devastating are environmental modification (ENMOD) threats that U.S. Representative Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) submitted legislation to Congress in 2001 that would have banned such systems. Other political leaders have similarly expressed concern that militaries are experimenting with and even deploying environment-altering technology that may be globally destructive.
Smith’s heavily researched and thoroughly documented book tugs the reader along like a novel, unveiling frightening technologies, conspiracies, and agendas that may be altering our lives and generating a host of negative environmental effects throughout the entire planet.
Weather Warfare is easily understood by the layman and avoids dense technical explanations. Even so, this reader would have been fascinated to see more technical detail in some areas, such as how earth-penetrating electromagnetic waves are theorized to interact with certain types of geology and cause earthquakes.
Mixed with the hard facts are some scary conspiracy theories that range from the highly believable to the outlandish, and Smith neither endorses nor dismisses them. (They’re all interesting anyway!)

Weather Warfare is an important book; required reading by those who wish to remain vigilant in their support of democracy (and survival!); and entertaining reading for those who enjoy their conspiracy theories frightening and laced with a heavy dose of truth.
Lloyd Ritchey, Author of Stormdragon


Have you ever been at a party and REALLY wanted to impress your friends during their conspiracy conversations with a dissertation on weather warfare? Yeah me neither, usually my interest in the subjects of the conspiracy kind relegate me to the dark corners while other speak of football and politics (although politics are fun too..). But if you did you need to read this book!

After reading Weather Warfare you'll be like a rockstar on the subject of weather warfare. Jerry Smith does all the heavy lifting for you, and what resulted is a very well written, easy reading book which walks you through not only the current state of 21st century weather modification but also a step by step history of the subject. From the barn stormers of the 20's to HAARP to beyond, its all here.

And that brings me to another subject..

One of my biggest personal pet peeves in conspiracy/ufo/alternative information books is that you pickup a book out of interest in hopes of learning something interesting and new. But the author of the book assumes you have some level of knowledge about the subject and this makes the book harder to interpret and understand.

Jerry Smith on the other hand starts at ground zero, and takes your hand. Then together you walk through the whole subject step by step, and when you are done, you know where we've come from and where we are going. He also provides plenty of additional resources to keep learning as well as a wonderful website which will further your education. If you travel in these circles that continuing education and the resources he provides are priceless as this kind of subject is constantly evolving.

Well footnoted, and illustrated Weather Warfare is a wonderful book I'd recommend to everyone interested in HAARP, DARPA, and black projects.

My final word on this book - When you finish Weather Warfare you will not only feel like an expert on Weather Modification you will be one. It's that good. Really!

~ Olav Phillips
The Anomalies Network

Jerry E. Smith's most recent contribution to science non-fiction can best be stated as follows: Weather Warfare: The Military’s Plan To Draft Mother Nature is now the bar establishing the uppermost limit of what ordinary people can know about weather modification history (chemtrails, radiation) and contemporary application. Weather Warfare is one of those books that renders highlighter pens useless because highlighting the whole book is silly.



This is the third book by Smith I have read. Beginning with HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy (1999), then Secrets of the Sacred Lance (2006) and now Weather Warfare. I have become a fan of Smith's writing style. He describes himself as a researcher, writer and sometimes an activist-he is not a scientist. But he has been researching this material for a decade and his ability to organize our thoughts by unfolding the evidence in a logical and interesting way that prompts pages to keep turning.


What you come away with is as follows: Global warming is the smokescreen behind which madmen under military contract are chemically and radioactively altering the troposphere, stratosphere and ionosphere to obtain military and political advantages by creating the weather under the guise of mitigating the warming effects of greenhouse gases. All one has to do to see the evidence that these operations are ongoing is look up on a sunny day.


~ Don Harkins of The Idaho Observer
[Vol. 8, No. 29, December 20, 2006]


WEATHER WARFARE: The Military's Plan to Draft Mother Nature is a frightening, eye-opening survey which surveys military interest in weather cloud seeding and modification processes.  Chapter survey tests and research from crountries around the world who have studied earthquakes, typhoons, and ways hurricanes can be 'moved' to military locales, making from an essential survey of both science and geopolitical conflicts which are provoking new ides on conducting warfare. This enlightening, frightening coverage is recommended not just for military collections but for general-interest public libraries as well.

~ The California Bookwatch

Adventures Unlimited Press primarily publishes metaphysical and paranormal titles, yet Weather Warfare: The Military's Plan to Draft Mother Nature is an in-depth examination of modern military efforts to effectively "draft mother nature" - by applying the latest technology to manipulate weather patterns and possibly even natural disasters for military advantage. Weather Warfare covers both known historical incidents and speculation of unproven theories concerning military efforts. From simple rain-making to the possibility of earthquakes on demand to chemtrails, geoengineering, and much more, Weather Warfare touches upon a broad range of dimensions and demands open to military scrutiny. Though part of Weather Warfare is devoted to exploring unproven conjecture, its evidence of past military escapades and efforts to apply nature as a weapon is quite convincing in its own right. Highly recommended.

~ Midwest Book Review


The world of terrorism and warfare are becoming more and more sophisticated. Hijacking planes, suicide bombers, tsunamis and hurricanes….is weather warfare actually a reality? Are the seemingly unpredictable and unstable weather patterns more systematic than we are led to believe? These are just a few of the mounting questions Jerry E. Smith covers in Weather Warfare: The Military’s Plan To Draft Mother Nature.


Weather Warfare contains a wealth of research, including pictures, diagrams, patent numbers, and website references. Smith states, “I am not a scientist, nor a technician – I am a writer, a researcher, and occasionally an activist. I don’t know how to build weapons, only how to put sentences and paragraphs together. While HAARP is an incredibly technical subject, mine are not technical books. I write about the potential impact of this technology on our lives – on you – but not so much about how this stuff actually works, because frankly, I don’t have a clue.” What Smith lacks in scientific knowledge he certainly makes up in the depth of research material and wide-ranging network of interested and interconnected contacts.


Covering the history of weather modification from the rainmakers through the technology of the twentieth century, Smith provides the reader with the realization that this once profitable enterprise has moved to the secretive, more complex realms of government. With the EnMod Legislation beginning in 1976, the world of weather modification moved deeper into the underground world… or did it stop altogether?


The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) located in Anchorage, Alaska is covered extensively in the book. The mystery and secrecy, not to mention the pages of intriguing patents, surrounding the use and purpose of the site has resulted in a variety of theories…are they just conspiracy theories or do enough facts exist to support them?


Weather Warfare also raises various questions and provides various, and often opposing, insights from a variety of players in the weather modification world. Theories on the use and impact of chemtrails and geoengineering leave the reader wondering if the intent is on saving or destroying our planet.


While this well-researched book. Weather Warfare, raises far more questions than it answers, it serves well to shock the reader into paying attention to the world beyond the papers, the television, and the government speeches. Is there enough consistency in the evidence to draw conclusions? Do we need to pay closer attention and look beyond what we think we see?


~ Regan Windsor for Reader Views


The Military's Plan To Draft Mother Nature by Jerry E. Smith covers a lot of ground.  
Smith takes us through an extended survey of the weather warfare business: environmental modification (ENMOD), manufactured earthquakes & hurricanes and other weather systems, and HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program).
Smith relates the revealing story of Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) who in early 2001 submitted legislation to Congress to ban all space-based weapons.  The bill, HR2977 cited specific systems that should be banned: weapons using radiation, electromagnetic, molecular, subatomic, laser, psychotronic, sonic, ultrasonic, mood management, mind control, chemical, biological, high altitude low frequency (ELF), ultra low frequency radiation (ULF), plasma, ionospheric, tectonic and other weapons, including
When Ohio-based journalist Bob Fitrakis asked Kucinich why he introduced legislation banning chemtrails when the U.S. government denied the existence of chemtrails, calling them “a hoax,” Kucinich responded, “The truth is there’s an entire program in the Department of Defense, ‘Vision for 2020,’ that’s developing these weapons.”
Congressman Kucinich subsequently pulled the teeth out of his proposed legislation, Smith notes in "Weather Warfare".  The Congressman resubmitted it a couple of years later as HR 3657.  No mention of chemtrails or mind control under the post-9/11 regime.
Weather warfare in the U.S. got underway in 1953, Smith relates, when Pres. Eisenhower signed off on a weather control advisory committee.  By 1958 the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) had "'ways to manipulate the charges of the earth and sky and so affect the weather' by using electronic modification of the atmosphere to ionize or de-ionize selected regions of the sky over targeted areas."  The only restraints on ENMOD were fears of litigation from those destroyed and damaged by experimental projects (hurricanes, earthquakes, aerial spraying).  By 1977, the litigation and plausible deniability problems were largely resolved when most of the weather mod programs went underground, into the military.  Hence, of course, chemtrails must remain secret as all sorts of people would sue if they knew they were being "extinguished", and would question the conclusions of the secret research.
In conclusion, we think "Weather Warfare" is a valuable resource.  Smith could well have spent more time being critical of some of his sources such as a host of NASA and Bilderberger types.  Perhaps it is due to the style of presentation: "here’s some seemingly contradictory data, information mixed with misinformation and other stuff: you decide" sort of philosophy.  

~ Brian Holmes




If you're interested in some pretty wild theories, this is clearly the book for you.

~ John Matlock "Gunny"
Amazon.com Top 10 Reviewer

Thanks, Jerry, for doing the research for this body of work. This book will surely become a reference book for all interested parties who are drawn into this line of study and wonder if weather control really is possible. I am telling you, it is accomplished. 
~ Scott Stevens


In Weather Warfare: The Military’s Plan to Draft Mother Nature, Jerry E. Smith accomplishes a feat of teaching that is extraordinary in its scope and implications.  Science that is affecting us all on a daily basis has been fully deployed all unbeknownst, and that in itself does not bode well for us as a people. 

Jerry E. Smith has successfully completed the second part of what I hope will be a trilogy concerning the administration’s fully functioning Environmental Modification (ENMOD) program, which utilizes some amazing technology, and also some amazingly primitive technology (Chemtrails), in an attempt to “...gain complete and total control over the entire electromagnetic spectrum…”


Something that is stressed in Jerry’s book, and should be stressed, is this: Environmental Modification, and control of the electromagnetic spectrum, means modification and control of You.


~ Bill Gallagher




Jerry E. Smith has done it yet again! HAARP, The Ultimate Weapon of Conspiracy made me nervous.  His new book, Weather Warfare, The Military's Plan to Draft Mother Nature, scared me. This book is not for the faint of heart and it is also is one every citizen should read.

~ Geraldine Ahrens
Host of The Abecedarian Show


After hearing Jerry E. Smith interviewed on a countless number of talk shows, I think that his nose-to-the-grindstone research into exposing weather modification out surpasses anybody else I know on the subject. With researchers like this, there is hope for mankind's survival from the globalist's agenda to annihilate all of us.


~ Sheldon E. Day

Host of The Light of Day Radio Show

“… controlling the weather will allow for the creation of a world government.”

A popular complaint of the populace is the weather, but no one does anything about it. But what if someone was doing something about the weather, but decided not to tell the American taxpayer? Would you, as the American taxpayer, think that was a great idea? Would you agree with the weather being modified? 

No one has told you the risks or benefits of weather modification research. You claim that you have tried to educate yourself and read a couple of books about the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). I am sorry to have to tell you this, but you still don't have the facts of the matter. Jerry Smith has filled in the information gap.  He bases his investigation on the facts.  And truth is always a lot scarier than fiction. I would equate Smith's book, Weather Warfare with the warning message of Al Gore's movie, An Inconvenient Truth.

According to Smith, and the documents he cites, HAARP's mission is much more than previously discussed. The effect on living things is the risk some scientists are willing to take in the name of their research. Smith quotes extensively from Air Force 2025 document entitled "Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025." One definition given the term "force multiplier" is: "modification of the ionosphere to enhance or disrupt communications." Another citation from the same section: "Additionally, exploiting the capability of powerful HF radio waves to accelerate electrons to relatively high energies may also facilitate the degradation of enemy space assets through directed bombardment with the HF-induced electron beams. 

As with artificial HF communication disruptions . . . . the degradation of enemy spacecraft with such techniques would be effectively indistinguishable from natural environment effects." I had to read that statement a couple of times, and began to wonder if this was a reference to high energy pulsing.  The technology referred to by parapolitical researchers as EMP/electromagnetic pulsing. We must guess if this is a part of HAARP's undeclared research. 

Maybe, the reader is thinking, what's so scary about the above? They can't control the weather? It doesn't involve me or my family?" To quote from Smith: "Mainstream science recognizes that man does have the ability to alter the weather on a limited scale intentionally, and to alter the climate on a vast scale unintentionally." Smith presents evidence that what can be done intentionally is far greater than what the mainstream is willing to or able to admit." What if you lived on a fault zone? I suggest you read Smith's Chapter 3 entitled "Earthquakes on Demand?" The ability to create manmade earthquakes was discovered between 1962-1965 when geologists "discovered that disposal of waste fluids by means of injecting them deep into the Earth could trigger earth quakes." 

This author can imagine a possible scenario of terrorists injecting "fluids" into one of the major quake faults running through a high population density area. All one has to do is remember how Los Angeles was shut down after the Northridge Quake. I interviewed Oleg Kalugin - a retired major general of the Soviet KGB (republished in "The New Conspiracy Reader," page 159). Kalugin mentioned Seismology Warfare. When I began to ask him about this research, he immediately dropped the subject.  Should we assume the Russians are involved in weather warfare research? The U.S. government does not acknowledge this type of warfare. However, Smith provides information about Project Faultless. The project was AEC's testing to determine outcomes of depositing nuclear waste in earthquake faults. 

Smith quotes from Gary T. Whiteford's (a professor of geography at the University of New Brunswick, Canada) paper, which concluded that underground nuclear testing caused earthquakes. But, the AEC's response to the tremors experienced in populated areas during their testing was a public relations campaign claiming the wonderful economic benefits of having the storage areas located near your town or city. Smith is able to show that the U.S. government knows how to create earthquakes. 

There have been international agreements regarding weather modification. If the technology wasn't real, one has to ask themselves why all the fuss. Especially, the Convention on the Prohibition of Military or any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques called ENMOD for short. The problem with the agreement is that it simply "prohibits the use of environmental modification as a weapon, rather then restricting the development of modification techniques." 

Further, according to Smith, the various environmental organizations and the Federation of American Scientists were disappointed with the final text because the language of ENMOD "was so vague and the threshold for violations so high that ENMOD might legitimize the use of some environmental weapons." The Air Force's "Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025" validated their concerns. In that document, it states that various "interventions" which would "enhance friendly forces or degrade enemy forces without violating the letter of ENMOD." The very reason for the ENMOD agreement was not to mess with weather that isn't over your own national territory. The outcome of ENMOD is that it "is a treaty without teeth, and one that is now virtually ignored by the international community." Smith provides the entire ENMOD treaty as Appendix A.

We know that the United States government refused to sign the Kyoto Protocols. One of the areas of concern covered by Kyoto was the future affect of jets operating in the upper atmosphere, especially as more third world countries were entering the world economy. The agreement discussed unintentional geoengineering from the exhaust of jet airliners. During the days after 9/11, when the FAA grounded all commercial flights, Smith tells us that it provided an opportunity for Dr. Patrick Minnis of NASA's Langley Research Center to perform some research. Minnis was able to study the affects of a single contrail's movement from the Washington, D.C. corridor tracking it through the mid-Atlantic states. In just a matter of hours, the single contrail produced a cloudbank that covered 20,000 square kilometers. What Kyoto was concerned about was the fact of contrails blocking sunlight and creating radical changes to the climate when air traffic is at its highest volume. Should we thank U.S. PAC groups for the airlines to put pressure on the U.S. government not to sign the Kyoto Protocols? Forget chemtrails. It appears the big concern is contrails.

Appendix B lists some of the patents supporting the research of HAARP. Most of them are from Bernard J. Eastlund. Although there is one patent from Frank Lowther, Patent #4873928, titled "Nuclear-Sized Explosions Without Radiation." It is assigned to APTI, Inc. One of the companies that had been involved with doing contract work for HAARP paid for the U.S. government.  What does nuclear-sized explosions have to do with HAARP? Maybe nothing; but another project is different matter.

That project is called High Power Auroral Stimulation (HIPAS). Not much attention has been paid to HIPAS. Smith states UCLA Plasma Physics Laboratory operates an ionospheric heater near Fairbanks, Alaska. One of the UCLA faculty members contributing to this project is Professor Wong. From his website http://cf.research.ucla.edu/cfdocs/faculty/UCLA_ Detail.cfm?ID=381:

"He has applied basic plasma physics to finding a solution to the ozone depletion problem." Very admirable research. Helping humanity. But in the second paragraph we have to wonder just what it is that Dr. Wong is doing up there at the HIPAS facility. "Professor Wong has, for the past several years, investigated the application of the high power, atmospheric pressure, of torch to waste disposal problems. Current research is being performed with a 100kW unit at the HIPAS site . . . ." The paragraph goes on: "Associated research on the development of a plasma centrifuge for the separation of heavy elements from a stream of mixed waste was funded by Westinghouse-Hanford." 

Heavy elements? Is a nuclear fission process part of the HIPAS system? Wasn't Hanford the site of a nuclear waste disaster?

Although Smith ends his list of patents with one in 2003. UCLA's Department of Engineering proudly announces there is technology available to the highest bidder. Consider the following: "High Efficiency Pulse Modulated Power Amplifiers, or "Non-Electronic Radio Front-End Technology." It is not possible to determine whether any of this technology was created with HAARP or HIPAS in mind. But, does point to the fact that the potential applications described seem to point to ongoing creation of technology to support HAARP and HIPAS. It must be that the money allocated by the U.S. Congress for these projects appears like a siren's song to universities and private corporations. 

Smith ends his book on a dire note. It is his conclusion that controlling the weather will allow for the creation of a world government. He suggests that international agreements, such as the Kyoto Protocols, are being used as a pretext to implement such a world government.

An even more dire quote provided by Smith is from U.S. Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, from April 1997. Secretary Cohen stated "Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves." The Secretary of Defense, we will have to assume, was basing his statement on technology he had been apprised of while he served the United States government.

~ Kathy Kasten
Paranoia Magazine, August 2007


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