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Writer’s Guidelines


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Writer’s Guidelines



Manuscripts offered for publication must be submitted on a CD or as a 2-page outline of the proposed book. We do not want to see any typed or printed-out manuscripts in full until after we have expressed interest in the outline. No unsolicited materials sent to us will be returned, period -- do not send us your only copy! We are only interested in completed or nearly completed projects, we do not want to be pitched ideas or vague outlines.

AUP is not interested in publishing any fiction or children’s books at this time. Also, we really don't do Health books, etc. Please see the Adventures Unlimited Press catalog for the kind of eclectic books we do. You will find a complete list of all the books we have published or reprinted by clicking on the AUP TITLES tabs in this section.

Books need to be at least 200 pages, and the more illustrations, the better. We are unlikely to publish any books that don't have illustrations. 

Also, we only consider books twice a year: once in the fall and then again in the spring. We do about 12-14 books a year, but some are reprints of public domain books, etc. So more like 9 to 10 new books a year. About half per spring and half per fall release. Also, occasionally, authors pay us to get a book out.


Authors are paid royalties on the books we publish twice a year, in January and July. Royalties vary from book to book but generally are based on a sliding scale such as: 7% of total receipts for the book for sales of 1 to 9,999 copies; 9% of total receipts for the book for sales from 10,000 to 19,999; 10% of total receipts for the book for sales from 20,000 to 39,999 copies; 12% of total receipts for the book for sales of 40,000 copies or more. Royalty payments are usually based on what AUP sold the books for rather than the cover price. In practice most copies of a book are sold at 40 to 60 percent discount to bookstores and distributors so a 10% royalty would net the author about 5% of cover price. On the plus side, our primary distributor is SCB, one of the nation's largest, so your books will be placed with Amazon.com and in major chain bookstores like Barnes & Nobel and Borders.

If your manuscript falls within these broad guidelines please send an email of the outline of the book to: auphq@frontiernet.net

or send a cover letter, outline and completed manuscript on CD to:

Adventures Unlimited Press
Submissions Editor
PO Box 74

Kempton, IL 60946



We also sell a large number of books in our catalog that we did not publish. Books we didn't publish are only sold via our website, catalog and bookstores and are not distributed via SCB. Most of these are discontinued or remaindered books from other publishers. We do sell some self-published books, if they fit into our catalog and we think they would sell. We do not accept any fiction or channeled-type books. Normally, the author must submit a sample book to the Publisher, David Hatcher Childress. After awhile, often several months, he will decide whether we will sell it. Our terms for distribution are:


1. Books are essentially on consignment. If we can't sell them, we will return them, paying for the ones we sold.


2. We ask for a 55% discount on the retail price.


3. The author must get the books to us at his or her own expense. They can either be dropped off personally in Kempton, or sent via UPS.


4. We pay for 20 copies, or a box, and then order more.


If you would like your self-published book considered for listing in our catalog, please send a copy to the address above. 

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