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This article, written prior to the fall of the Soviet Union, first saw print in THE VIEW newspaper of Reno, NV in 1990 or '91. Although the "news" aspect of this piece is a bit dated, the basic thesis that AIDS is man-made is not. If anything this debate has only intensified, with much more damning evidence having since come to light.



Around the world there is a growing controversy surrounding the origin of AIDS, Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. The first 'shot' in this war of words was fired in the Patriot, a newspaper from New Delhi, India on, appropriately enough, 4 July, 1984. There it was charged that AIDS is a biological warfare weapon being used against the innocent peoples of the Third World!


Preposterous nonsense or a deadly serious truth?


In October 1985 the Soviet press made similar allegations. The U.S. Defense Department promptly labeled this "Soviet propaganda". Was it, or is your government trying to kill you?


Two prominent Los Angeles physicians are among a growing number of Americans who believe that AIDS was man-made. These two, Dr. Robert Strecker and Dr. Alan Cantwell, both treat AIDS patients, as well as conduct their own researches into this deadly virus.


Their contention is that it appears to have been either, 1) deliberately released to the world as a form of biological warfare (BW) against certain targeted segments of human society, i.e., blacks and homosexuals, or, 2) accidentally, through careless preparation and contamination of serums.


To begin with, they contend that the history of AIDS as known to the press and the general public is in fact a fabricated history. AIDS, they say, was not discovered by the doctors who claim it as 'theirs', Drs. Gallo and Mountiner, but was actually discovered by a French woman working in Dr. Mountiner's lab, Francois Barre.


Unimportant nitpicking perhaps. Yet it is curious that when Dr. Gallo 'discovered' AIDS he was at the National Cancer Institute, which is conveniently located on the grounds of Fort Detrick in Maryland. Fort Detrick is a primary U.S. Army biological warfare research facility.


The Soviet press, mentioned above, has in fact run over 400 articles claiming AIDS to be a product of the Defense Department, and Fort Detrick as its birthplace. Recently, in an apparent bow to detente they printed a retraction and stopped running these stories.


It is especially curious to note this link between the National Cancer Institute and Fort Detrick in light of Dr. Strecker's personal belief that it was not the Defense Department, but cancer researchers who created the AIDS virus. Dr. Strecker's hypothesis seems to be that cancer researchers attempting to better understand genetics created the virus purely as an intellectual "scientific" exercise and that, perhaps, the boys next door in BW got a hold of it.


Doctors Strecker and Cantwell insist that the officially accepted idea that AIDS came from Africa is false, and that the story of the Air Canada flight attendant as the spreader of AIDS in the U.S. is a fairy tale.


The deliberate manufacture of AIDS, they claim, can be traced back to several publicly available documents, to wit:


In 1969, in testimony before the House Appropriations Committee of the US Congress, the Department of Defense's Biological Warfare (BW) division requested $10 million to produce organisms that would selectively destroy the immune system and be refractory to its effects.


Quoting from the Committee's own minutes, "Within the next 5 to 10 years it would probably be possible to make a new infective microorganism which could differ in certain important respects from any known disease-causing organisms. Most important of these is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease." The funds they requested were appropriated.


A disease did appear in the world within the stipulated time frame and with the characteristics specified to Congress, a disease that we know today as AIDS. Under the Reagan administration, it should be noted, biological warfare research spending had increased over 500 percent from the Carter years, and this spending was primarily in the area of genetic engineering of new disease organisms.


In 1972, writing in volume 47, p 257-274, Bulletin Of The World Health Organization, there was a request by members of that group to make a virus that would selectively destroy the T cell system. "An attempt should be made to ascertain whether viruses can in fact exert selective effects on immune function, e.g. by...affecting T cell function as opposed to B cell function. The possibility should also be looked into that the immune response to the virus itself may be impaired if the infecting virus damages more or less selectively the cells responding to the viral antigens."


That same group of people, writing in Federation Proceedings in the same year, said "...we would test these agents that we make by putting it in our vaccines and see what kind of effects they have".


AIDS, Dr. Strecker says, appeared in Africa in exactly the same places that the W.H.O. group said that they planned to test these 'agents'. This is supported by an article in the London Times for 11 May, 1987.


"Was it possible," Dr. Strecker asks, "that AIDS in Africa was a consequence of the small pox vaccine campaign of eradication conducted there by the World Health Organization in either one of two ways: 1, an intentional introduction of the virus to see what it would do, or 2, as a biological screw-up, so to speak, from the way the vaccines were prepared?"


Additionally, it has been reported that some 14,000 Haitians who were then on UN secondment to Central Africa were also vaccinated during this same campaign, and from there, it could be argued, they brought the deadly virus back to Haiti; monkeys and Voodoo having nothing to do with it.


These two Doctors claim that the epidemiology of AIDS in the U.S. traces back, not to Africa, nor to one promiscuous fight attendant, but to the men who volunteered for a Hepatitis B vaccine study in 1978 carried out in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.


The test protocol specified non-monogamous males only, and homosexuals received a different vaccine from the one given to heterosexuals. At least 25-50% of the first reported New York AIDS cases in 1981 had received the Hepatitis B test vaccine in '78. By 1984, 64% of the vaccine recipients had AIDS, and the figures on the current infection rate for the participants of that study are held by the US Department of Justice, and "unavailable".


Was AIDS made in a laboratory?


Dr. Cantwell insists that the AIDS epidemic is not explicable in terms of Mother Nature.


Waves Forest, in his article Designer Diseases: AIDS as Biological & Psychological Warfare, concurs. He writes: "The AIDS epidemic emerged full-blown in the three U.S. cities with "organized gay communities" before being reported elsewhere, including Haiti or Africa, so it is epidemiologically impossible for either of those countries to be the origin point for the U.S. infections.


"Another indication AIDS had multiple origin points is that the 14-month doubling time of the disease cannot nearly account for the current number of cases if we assume only a small number of initial infections starting in the late 1970s."


To again quote Dr. Strecker, "The argument of the so-called 'establishment' says: Well, we didn't have these techniques of gene-splicing in 1977 and so therefore we couldn't possibly have made it. You give us too much credit Dr. Strecker, we're not nearly that smart. Of course," he adds "any fool knows that they are making new animals, new rabbits, new rats, all kinds of bacteria, they're genetically engineering plants, and of course, we can't make a real simple little virus!"


Dr. Strecker goes on to point out that in the early '70s they were making a wide variety of gene-splicing enzymes.


"We use the illustration", Dr. Strecker says, "of a baby with no arms or legs. He gets dressed in a tuxedo and goes to a nice party in Beverly Hills and has a real nice time. Well, he doesn't do it by himself.


"If you tell me this virus is not capable of engineering itself, a priori, you've already agreed with us that somebody made it. It's just a matter of who did it and where."


Dr. Cantwell adds, "Also, back in the '70s, it's common knowledge amongst virologists, that they were taking viruses from one animal, putting it into another, then taking these viruses and putting them into human tissue cells, you know, in culture, and they were literally producing all kinds of viruses, some of which, obviously, were deadly to the immune system, and other viruses; that they knew if those viruses ever got out it would be horrible because there was absolutely no antidote to these things.


"So when a new virus suddenly starts to appear in Central Africa, and in Manhattan, one of the first things a scientist who's got his act together and knows what's happening will ask is, 'Did one of these viruses get out?'".


The world's AIDS experts have commented and written that "the AIDS virus consists," says Dr. Strecker, "of genes that are related to two known retro-viruses of animals. One is a virus named bovine leukemia, another is a virus named visna." Yet, Dr. Stricker points out, these same specialists claim that there is no way that these two viruses could be spliced together.


Doctors Strecker and Cantwell, testing this claim, went to a medical library and asked the computer to show any articles written on a virus named, taking a wild guess, bovine visna, and "bang!", they said, "out came articles describing a virus identical to the AIDS virus.


"It had the same morphology (shape), the same molecular weight, the same magnesium dependency, it has the same ability to kill cells, it has the same T cell tropism (it attacks T cells), it has the same exact characteristics in cattle that AIDS does in humans. It produced a disease in cows, characterized by initial lymphomamphy within a few weeks of initial infection, followed by the production of antibodies against that virus, and subsequently, 5 - 7 years later, the cows died of a wasting disease -- an immune deficiency."


In 1974 researchers fed these same viruses to chimpanzees, published in Cancer Research from the United States Institute Of Health, and those chimps died of a strange disease, the first report of that disease among chimps.


Dr. Strecker points out that much of the 'official' information about the spread of AIDS is also suspect of being completely bogus.


In 1971 researcher Stewart Aaronson demonstrated recombination between mouse and human tissue when he took a retro-virus from a mouse and cultured it in human tissue. The mouse virus soon lost the ability to reproduce in mice and grew effectively in human tissue. This proved to be a genetically stable event. This proves, that under laboratory conditions at least, viruses can be transferred from species to species.


Dr. Strecker comments "I've always found it interesting that the official policy of where it came from was some monkey biting someone on the behind in Africa, and yet every time they're asked if a human bite can transfer AIDS, the uniform answer is always no."


Who has it wrong? If a monkey bite can transfer AIDS, then obviously a human bite should also. If a human bite cannot transmit AIDS, does this mean it really can only happen under laboratory conditions, and that the official voices know this fact?


Another chilling development in the continuing AIDS controversy was reported in The Santa Monica Outlook, 14 December 1989:


The RAND Corporation of Santa Monica, California, a U.S. Government think tank, issued an urgent warning on December 13th of that year. It dealt with the nastiest computer 'virus' yet unleashed upon computer users. The virus had been incorporated, by persons unknown, into a disc providing a data base for AIDS information. Once loosed into a system it erases every file in the computer which uses it!


Ann Shohen of RAND said workers in AIDS research might have their databases totally destroyed by this virus, and she pointed out, it could infect any computer networking with such researchers.


John McAfee, chairman of Computer Virus Association, a Santa Monica firm developing anti-virus programs, described the contaminated AIDS disc as part of "a well-orchestrated and undeniably well-financed terrorist act."


One is left asking the question, who had the most to gain from this? Was this just a prank carried off by some socially irresponsible 'computer hacker', or possibly the vicious act of some unbalanced homophobe or religious lunatic, or was it something far more sinister? If indeed the AIDS epidemic is man-made this could well be evidence of their continuing efforts to keep AIDS on target with their plans for world depopulation!


To quote from Waves Forest again: "Apparently, homosexuals were an initial target in the U. S. because their sexual practices would help in the rapid spread of the disease, and because it was correctly assumed that very few non-homosexual citizens would pay much attention during the early years of the epidemic. Also, the stigma of a "homosexual disease" would interfere with rational analysis and discussion of AIDS. Bear in mind that homosexuals were among the first to be exterminated in Nazi Germany, before Jews or other minorities, so fewer citizens would object.


"Readers are encouraged to obtain and study the references cited here, and demand a full inquiry. Those officials who are actually involved in the cover-up will reveal it by their inaction when pressed to investigate."


Speaking of the U.S. Government's astonishing lack of interest in finding an AIDS cure, Dr. Cantwell noted that officially there currently are approximately 1 million people suspected of being HIV positive. "If we had a million invaders arriving on the shores of America, trying to quell that invasion would be the number one priority and we act in America like this disease just doesn't really exist!" he said.


Dr. Strecker thinks that the number of infected is probably far greater than 1 million. This one million estimate is, in his opinion, ridiculously low. The rule of thumb, he says, is that for every case of AIDS there should be 50 or 100 people infected! Based on 110,000 known cases of AIDS, their estimate is closer to 10 million people infected in the U.S. alone.


So far, the AIDS related death toll has doubled every year, and if an antidote is not found we can expect this death rate to continue until mankind has vanished from this Earth. At that rate every man, women and child would be eliminated from the U.S. by June of the year 2000! Based on their projections for the AIDS epidemic, though, these two doctors have come to the conclusion that AIDS will not completely succeed in wiping out Mankind, but they predict that the global population will be reduced to about one human being for every 80 square miles!


Dr. Strecker firmly supports a National Testing Program to find out the correct number of people infected. They point out that widespread testing would help to identify those in the beginning stages of AIDS infection so that life prolonging drugs, like AZT, can be gotten to them at the earliest possible moment, when such drugs could do the most good.


But these doctors are not completely without hope. It is Dr. Strecker's belief that a cure for AIDS can be found. He believes the correct zone of research, however, is not in drugs and drug treatments, but in the field of particle physics. "It is our belief," he says, "that this virus can be selectively destroyed by pulsed electromagnetic waves. The principle is very simple." He explains, "If you take a crystal glass and sing the right note you can shatter the glass, but your body doesn't fall apart. Now, viruses are just little crystals, and we believe that by pulsed electromagnetic waves you can selectively destroy the virus, without destroying the beings."


And who is doing this pulsed electromagnetic waves research? No-one, is the depressing answer. Being a non-medical cure, the American Medical Association (AMA) denounces such cures as 'quackery'. Are Doctors Cantwell and Strecker quacks? Or are they two small voices calling out for help in a wilderness of lies and evil?


Is mankind doomed, or will a "miracle cure" be released just in time to save America? And who will be our savior? Will the millions invested in research pay off, or will the cure come from Fort Detrick when their plans to reduce the Earth's over-population have been fulfilled?


Is someone trying to kill you?

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