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Sinister Forces

Sinister Forces In Our Skies:
The UFO / Black Helicopter Connection

By Jerry E. Smith (writing as Jim Keith)



What could well be the most famous of all the many hundreds of UFO/unmarked helicopter events reported, occurred around 9:00 p.m. on the evening of December 29, 1980. Two middle-aged women and a small boy were traveling on a tree-lined rural road north of Houston, Texas when a very strange "something" dropped from the sky into their lives. A something that might yet kill them.


Radiation can kill, we all know that. What Betty Cash, age 51, her friend Vickie Landrum, age 57, and Vickie" grandson Colby ran into that night had all the earmarks of being an atomic powered air- and/or space-craft. One that was quite possibly malfunctioning. All three suffered the apparent affects of radiation exposure; both short term and long term. Besides the immediate, and painful, burns and sickness that exposure to radiation can cause, the invisible damage to living tissue caused by it can reappear in later life as cancer or leukemia. For Betty Cash this was no mere theoretical knowledge. Eventually Betty was forced to undergo a double mastectomy for breast cancer. She believes her cancer resulted from her encounter with the unknown that December night. You may be in danger of experiencing a similarly unwanted encounter with science gone astray.


The three were driving home to Dayton, Texas from a day at Lake Houston. Through the bare trees they spotted a bright light in the sky. Moments later they found themselves in the middle of an event straight out of the "X Files." As Betty drove the car closer to the mysterious light they discovered it to be coming from a huge diamond shaped object. It was hovering several feet above the road. It was emitting an eerie beeping sound, and glowing. Most amazing of all, occasionally the object’s bottom flashed and flared, sporadically spewing fire accompanied by a roaring noise. This sounds much like a description of a hot air balloon, except, this fire shot down, not up as would the burner in a balloon. Following each flare, the object would rise a few feet, as a balloon might, then slowly begin to descend again. To the trio watching from the ground, it seemed as if the object was having trouble staying aloft.


Betty stopped the car. The object was very hot and she was afraid to drive under it for fear she would damage her vehicle. They watched the up-and-down dance of the strange object from the car for a few minutes. Then, curiosity getting the better of them, the three got out.


The heat from the strange craft was intense. All three found it very uncomfortable, even against the backdrop of a chill December evening. Colby, Vickie’s seven-year-old grandson, was the first to "blink." After a minute or so he became frightened and urged the ladies to return to the car. He got back into the car followed shortly by his grandmother. Betty, fascinated, remained outside for several minutes. Hers was the greatest exposure and hers were the most severe symptoms to appear.


Soon Betty felt the need to retreat to the presumed safety of the car as well. When she tried to open her door she was startled to discover that the metal handle was too hot to touch. She used her leather coat as a grip and got back into the car, careful not to touch anything metal. Moments later the event took the strangest turn of all. Shortly after Betty returned to the car, the peculiar object began to rise up. It passed over the trees, leaving the road free and our threesome able to continue their interrupted journey. That’s when the cavalry charged in.


Like a scene out of Apocalypse Now the air was suddenly filled with the rhythmic chopping sound of approaching helicopters. The sound rose to a tooth rattling crescendo. Waves of choppers passed directly overhead. Indeed, there were so many craft in the sky that the witnesses were afraid that they might crash into each other. Despite the darkness of the hour the three could make out the outlines of the aircraft. They counted at least twenty choppers, and they thought that there were probably more like twenty-three or twenty-five in all.


They spotted two types of choppers in that swarm. Later, working with UFO investigators using helicopter identification charts, Betty was able to positively identify one of the two varieties as being a Boeing Vertol CH-47, commonly known as a "Chinook." The Chinook class chopper is a large, transport type craft. It can carry up to forty-four fully armed troops or carry significant payloads slung underneath it. It has a full rotor at either end, giving it a "flying banana" appearance. Neither of the women could positively identify the other type of chopper, but they tended toward identifying it as the Vietnam era multi-purpose craft known as a "Huey."


As the strange diamond-shaped craft flew off to the southwest in the general direction of Houston, the fleet of choppers surrounded it. By now the three travelers were both confused and very frightened. As they watched, the choppers first paced, then seemed to try to surround the possibly ailing craft. To Betty it seemed like they were attempting to fly in formation with it. Vickie, likewise thought it seemed that they were trying to escort it, herding it maybe. Quickly the weird craft with its whirlybird entourage disappeared into the winter night, the wup-wup sound of rotors slowly fading away into the distance.


At last Betty started her car. The remainder of the trip home was uneventful, except that even before they reached their destination all three were beginning to suffer the ill effects of their close encounter. They all had swollen glands, tender skin and blurred vision.


The boy, Colby, was exposed the least; for not much more than a minute. Over time he suffered erythema (reddening of the skin); eyes swollen and watery; stomach pains; diarrhea; anorexia (loss of appetite); some weight loss; and an increase in tooth cavities. While his physical trauma was the least, he experienced significant psychological upset. At the time he became convinced it was the end of the world and later suffered from nightmares and fear and anxiety attacks.


Vickie Landrum was exposed for three to five minutes. Her symptoms and Betty’s were startlingly similar. Both displayed the "classic" symptoms associated with radiation exposure. Betty, who was outside of the car longer, had all of Vickie’s symptoms, only far worse. Vickie had erythema; photophthalmia (eyes swollen, watery and painful); vision greatly diminished; stomach pains; diarrhea; anorexia; ulceration on the arms that resulted in scarring and loss of pigmentation; her keratin was affected resulting in fingernail damage; and, perhaps most emotionally disturbing, she experienced hair loss, and the hair that eventually regrew was of a different texture.


Betty Cash was exposed for five to ten minutes. She also had erythema, only hers was so severe that patches of skin came off of her face; acute photophthalmia --her eyes swelled completely shut; stomach pains; vomiting; diarrhea; anorexia; loss of energy; scarring and loss of skin pigmaentation; excessive hair loss followed by regrowth of a different texture. The day following their encounter with the mystery craft Vickie had to take Betty to a hospital emergency room where the distraught woman was treated as a burn victim.


Betty is convinced that what she saw that night was an experimental aircraft, one owned and operated by the U.S. government. She took the presence of the many helicopters as proof of this. She has repeatedly attempted to sue Uncle Sam for her medical expenses. The government "of course" denies any knowledge or participation in the construction or operation of a craft such as described by Betty and Vickie.


The Cash-Landrum Case (or the "Huffman Case" as it is sometimes called after the near-by Harris County town of that name) is just one of hundreds of reported cases involving a UFO and conventional aircraft. Another such "multi-media" sighting comes from Wolverton and Donovan’s Mystery Stalks The Prairie. In that instance a rancher and his sons were in their pickup when they observed a hotel-sized UFO. The giant UFO had many smaller UFOs flitting about it. As they watched in awe a helicopter came on the scene. At first they thought the chopper was the government coming to investigate. But, to compound their amazement, as the whirlybird approached the giant UFO, it morphed into another of the small UFOs and was absorbed by the mother ship. This, and similar reports, have led some researchers into speculating that, at least in some cases, the choppers might not be helicopters at all, but "UFOs" disguised as whirlybirds.


In the two cases I have just described we have some the principal elements of the UFO/black helicopter connection. Only one element is missing --mutilated cattle.


As I noted in my book Black Helicopters Over America: Strikeforce for the New World Order hundreds of sightings of mystery helicopters were reported in the latter half of 1994 alone. Throughout this decade there have been escalating numbers of sightings of these craft, flying in violation of local and federal laws, engaged in suspicious, if not out-right illegal business. As you just read in the cases reported above, peculiar activities and mystery helicopters have been together, like toast and jam, for far longer than these last few years.


I was first able to document sightings of black, unmarked helicopters beginning with an incident from August, 1971. In that report from Lake County, Colorado, forty sheep were found "blistered" in some unknown manner after a rancher observed a helicopter over-fly his flock. It set the tone for the following two decades’ worth of reports that were to follow --from 1971 to 1985 black choppers repeatedly appear in --and disappear from --the vicinities of cattle mutilations --before, during, or after those grizzly crimes took place.


While cattle were the animal most commonly mutilated, many other species did not escape the attention of the "choppers" (as the mutilators have sometimes been called). The animals killed have included sheep (as above), goats, horses and other domestic animals, even cats and dogs; as well as wild animals, such as caribou. The actual number of cattle, and other animals, mutilated will never be known. Once ranchers and farmers realized that the authorities, and their own cattlemen’s associations, were powerless to stop the destruction of their livestock, many gave up even bothering to report the incidents. The reported events number into the tens of thousands in the U.S. and Canada alone. The phenomenon is hardly restricted to North America. Cattle mutilations have occurred on every continent, from China to Australia to Africa. What percentage of the "mutes" (as these mutilations are often called) involve mystery helicopters is equally unknowable. If I were to hazard a guess, I would say that mysterious lights in the night sky and/or mystery aircraft, fixed-wing or whirlybird, figure in fully two thirds of all mutilations; with the reports about equally divided between UFOs and unmarked helicopters.


Rather than quoting from the hundred of sightings, police reports and other related case histories in my files, let me draw you a "composite sketch," if you will. While few, if any, mute cases have all of the following, these are key elements that recur time and again...


The animal is killed at night, usually in the hours between midnight and dawn. There is no apparent form of death: no bullet holes, no indication of predator attack. Usually there is no sign of struggle. The animal is often found some distance from its last set of tracks. In many cases broken branches are found directly above the animal as if it had been lowered, or dropped, to the earth. There are no footprints or other tracks, although there are sometimes strange marks, holes or gouges in the ground as though some heavy instruments or tools had been set up.


The mutilations themselves are no less strange than the crime scene. The animal is most commonly drained of blood, and there is almost never any blood on the ground. The animal has been subjected to a series of surgical procedures that can hardly be described as simple mutilation. Often these incisions are described as demonstrating a skill and/or technology beyond anything the observers are familiar with. I have personally interviewed a heart surgeon who had examined a mute, and he declared that the quality of the "workmanship" was beyond anything he had seen in his many years of clinical practice. Sometimes the incisions are described as impossibly accurate knife/scalpel work, and at other times as laser cuts.


These mutilators leave most of the animal untouched. Their interest seems, depending perhaps on the observer’s bias, either scientific or magical. Most commonly the rectum is "cored" out, an ear and/or and eye removed, and other portions of the face and head, such as lips, or tongue are wholly or partially removed. Additionally, the penis or vagina is sometimes removed along with all or part of one or more teats.


There are several possible explanations for these strange takings. As a reader of UFO Universe you are probably familiar with the stories of the UFO aliens having underground bases scattered across America, particularly in the desert Southwest. Researchers following up on these reports have suggested that the mutes are part of an ongoing program by the aliens. Abductees have returned with chilling stories of seeing vats filled with blood and body parts. This has fueled speculation that the aliens are engaged in weird scientific experiments --possibly involving human-alien interbreeding.


Other, perhaps more down to earth researchers have speculated that the mutes are wholly terrestrial in origin. The two most widely discussed explanations are secret government biological warfare (BW) studies and cults. The government is known to have been seeking ethnic-specific biological weapons in the past. The eyes of the cow are biologically very similar to a particular ethnic group that some U.S. military strategists feel we may someday be forced to fight. With one or both eyes missing from most mutes, investigators have pointed to BW research as the probable reason for these bizarre crimes. Other researchers suspect Satanists or other practitioners of ritual magic to be committing these strange nocturnal acts.


Returning to that night that Betty Cash and her friends will never forget, Project Stigmata (in issue number 17 of their publication Stigmata) succinctly listed the possibilities inherent in the UFO and choppers witnessed in the Cash-Landrum Case:


"1. The UFO itself was extraterrestrial, non-terrestrial, alien or otherwise extramundane in origin, and the "helicopters" were nothing more than UFOs themselves, attending to the "mother ship," perhaps.


"2. The UFO was "alien," but the helicopters were U.S.-made craft attached to the military.


"3. The UFO was terrestrial in origin, representing a secret or experimental operation, and the choppers were operating under military auspices." While the above was penned to address the Cash-Landrum case, it fits virtually all of the UFO/black helicopter scenarios. At point number one above I would add, as a possible point of origin for the UFOs, extra-dimensional. That is where I believe the "gray aliens" originate from. However, I generally hold to the explanation covered by point number three. As I showed in my book Casebook On Alternative 3: UFOs, Secret Societies and World Control, there is ample evidence to support the contention that there is one or more secret space programs afoot on this planet. While it is not impossible that the UFO in the Cash-Landrum case was a bug-bear from somewhere out there, it is far more likely that it came from the same sort of earthly powers that gave us stealth aircraft and the long denied SR-71 "Blackbird."


Other researchers, such as Whitley Strieber, would add extra-temporal to Stigmata’s point number one. Some researchers have suggested that UFOs are time (temporal) vehicles from the future. Strieber has entertained the notion that the UFO aliens are both time and space travelers. In his book Communion he put forward the suggestion that extraterrestrials, having traveled through space to reach earth, might then have used time ships to explore all the eras of earth’s history at once.


Still, with all the evidence that the choppers, and the choppers, represent something very strange, some folks dismiss the whole mutilation phenomenon as the work of pranksters and cattle rustlers. Certainly some of this could be the work of rustlers. Cattle rustling today is a multi-million dollar industry. But theories of hopped up college kids and beefsteak bootleggers can hardly explain away all of the evidence in the UFO/mute/chopper files. With the passage of time the mystery has only deepened, and the cases have just gotten stranger...


In the ’90s unmarked aircraft sightings, particularly those of black helicopters, took an unexpected twist. Cattle mutilations tapered off to almost, but not quite, non-existence. Stories began to surface of black, unmarked helicopters engaged in very troubling activities: like chasing, and occasionally shooting at people; spraying mysterious deadly chemicals in populated areas; and escorting, not UFOs, but foreign troops. Meanwhile, UFOs of radical new shapes and types began to appear. In Belgium, for example, in less than two year’s time there were nearly 10,000 sightings of triangular UFOs. Reports of these triangle-shaped craft have now come in from all over the globe.


My book, Black Helicopters Over America, was an attempt to understand this new face of the mystery aircraft puzzle. Something is going on here. Too many credible witnesses have see too many military style helicopters engaging in too many strange and/or illegal acts. Regardless of their point of origin, it seems highly improbable that the U.S. government is completely ignorant of the existence of the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of unmarked helicopters that are regularly observed criss-crossing our skies. It seems fair to assume that somewhere, at some level of government, someone is keeping a tight lid on all this. If you and I are to avoid ending up in a hospital, morgue or joining in a class-action suit with Betty Cash, we need to force the government to tell us what it knows.


As I have repeatedly stressed in radio and television interviews, the important thing about the black choppers is not that they are black, it is that their presence is being denied. This denial is de-facto proof of a conspiracy. We, the public, are being lied to. Our safety may hang on discovering why.


One can speculate on what the black choppers are about until the (mutilated?) cows come home, but until we actually know what’s going on it is unlikely that we will be able to take effective action. Write "letters to the editor" to your local newspaper. Call in to radio talk shows. Call or write your elected officials at every level of government. Demand that they make those who know come clean with the American public. Insist that the FAA and the Air Force be compelled to open their files on these mystery craft. We have been asking for a clearing of the air on UFOs for years. Now we need to add the truth about the black choppers to our list of demands. Remind your elected officials that if they fail to open those files, you can vote for someone else, someone who will cooperate with "We the People." It is after all our country --and our sky.

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By Jerry E. Smith:

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