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By Jerry E. Smith

Transcript of a lecture given in Reno, Nevada, at Planet 9, a lounge owned by George Piccard, author of "Liquid Conspiracy."  Jim Keith, author of "Black Helicopters Over America: Strikeforce for the New World Order" hosted a weekly "Conspiracy Night" at Planet 9 every Sunday for the first few months of 1999.

If I were to tell you that above-ground nuclear testing is entirely safe, would you believe me?  Of course you wouldn't.  Yet a generation of Americans did believe that claim when made by the federal government.

Silicone breast implants, tobacco cigarettes and DDT were also pronounced safe by agencies of that same government.  Now we know that those misrepresentations cost billions of dollars in medical and legal fees, and have killed millions of Americans -- and other living things.

Today the federal government, through its alphabet soup of regulatory agencies, continues to support controversial (read "deadly") products and projects.

In light of the government's track record with nuclear testing, DDT, fluoridated water, and cellular phones, I found myself more than a little skeptical when I learned that the government claimed HAARP - the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program -- to be an entirely safe civilian research project.

The ionosphere is the outermost protective layer of our atmosphere, more important to life than the ozone layer.  Life on this planet exists only because the ionosphere prevents the sun's deadly nuclear radiation, called the solar wind, from reaching this planet's surface.  Would you believe me if I told you that it is entirely safe to alter the ionosphere, changing its altitude and density, making it dance for the delight of scientists, like an Indian in an old movie with cowboys firing bullets into the ground at his feet?  How about if the federal government said it?

Tonight we are going to be talking about fear and anger.

Robert Anton Wilson pointed out that there is a word missing form the English language.  He noticed that there is no word for rational fear.  Paranoia is the word for irrational fear.  There is no equivalent word for being afraid with good reason.  Driving Defensively is the exercise of rational fear.  The woman who is being stalked by a spurned lover seeks protection out of rational fear.  Safe sex is practiced out of rational fear.  Some would try to convince you that fear of the government is irrational.  I will be offering evidence to the contrary.

Of course, it is not the government that I fear, but a few of the people who run it.  The government is not one single, monolithic thing.  It is literally tens of thousands of individuals.  Government is the largest employer in the United States.  These tens of thousands of workers are organized and directed by a few thousand bureaucrats, who in turn have their masters -- who are NOT we the people.  Many of these career politicians and diplomats have social and political agendas.  In some cases these hidden agendas bare little relationship to our beliefs and values.

I don't want to sound like Senator McCarthy, claiming there are Communists under every bed, as it were.  But, I am afraid that if you are not familiar with the centuries old international movement to create a single, one world government, I will sound like some kind of right wing loony. 

I do not think of myself as a right-winger, and I deny being a patriot.  I was of draft age during the Vietnam War.  I was an anti-war protester.  "Patriots" were the crew cut types who regularly threatened to beat me up.  To this day I still think of Patriots as fools.  George Bernard Shaw exactly captured my view when he described patriotism as the belief that your country is the best place on earth simply because you happened to have been born there.

On the other hand, I do prefer our Republican form of government to any others that I have seen or studied.  I would not be happy if the United States of America were dissolved.  That, however, is exactly what the globalists want.

The idea of a "League of Nations" that was floated after World War I was but one embodiment of this movement.  Today's United Nations was built on the League of Nations concept.  The U.N. was created primarily to end war -- by ending nations.  The logic is that if there are no nations, then there can be no wars between nations.  This was clearly stated in the United Nations' "World Constitution" with these words: "The age of nations must end.  The governments of the Nations have decided to order their separate sovereignties into one government to which they will surrender their arms."

"What's wrong with that?" you might be wondering.  When I was an idealistic 'ute' this sounded wonderful.  I was an active supporter of globalism.  Years later I discovered that there is often a vast gulf between theory and practice.  The problem with creating this Utopia is people.  Rich, powerful people.  People who think that they know what is best for us.  I am more than a little RATIONALLY afraid of having people in charge who refer to you and I as "useless eaters."

In 1976, 32 U.S. Senators and 92 members of the House of Representatives signed The Declaration of Interdependence, which read, in part:  "Two centuries ago our forefathers brought forth a new nation: now we must join with others to bring forth a new world order."

Here comes the audience participation portion of the evening!  Take a one dollar bill out of your pocket.  Go on, I'll wait. ...  Okay, on the back side of the bill are the obverse and reverse faces of the Great Seal of the United States of America.  Notice on the left of the bill the eye-in-the-triangle at the top of the unfinished pyramid?

Those are important symbols within Freemasonry.  The eye may represent a number of things, not the least of which is the "All Seeing Eye" of the Supreme God of the Freemasons, the Great Architect of the Universe.  The unfinished pyramid also represents a number of things including the idea that God's plan for this world is not yet complete.  The pyramid is also a classic depiction of an aristocratic social order with the ruling few at the top and the powerless many at the base.  The eye-in-the-triangle is also a symbol for Freemasonry itself.  Together these images may symbolize a conspiracy to rule the world, with an unelected elite at the top of a highly structured society.

Beneath the pyramid is a scroll.  It reads: "NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM."  This translates from the Latin as: NOVUS: new; ORDO: order; SECLORUM: the secular world: a.k.a.: New World Order.  For the last 200plus years the phrase "New World Order" has been something of a campaign slogan for this movement. 

What will the New World Order be?  Quite a few books have been written by members of this open conspiracy.  Several organizations dedicated to its creation publish regular monthly magazines, such as "Foreign Affairs" published by the NWO's oldest American mouthpiece, The Council on Foreign Relations (the CFR).

In 1991 West German Chancellor Willie Brandt hosted a gathering of one-worlder's called, curiously enough, the Fifth Socialist International.  Contrary to the idea one might get from its name, it was hardly a gathering of beret sporting Communist revolutionaries.  One of the attendees was Former World Bank President, Robert McNamara, who had served as Secretary of Defense under President Kennedy.  Another was former Secretary of Commerce, Peter Peterson, who is also a senior partner of the Wall Street firm Sherson, Lehman Bros.  They are one of the primary owners of the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking System -- the bill you're holding says Federal Reserve Note, meaning that it is a privately issued currency, one which is costing American taxpayers trillions of dollars -- the Fed is probably the greatest case of government sanctioned theft in human history.  Peterson was also a founding member of the Trilateral Commission, the NWO's most powerful organization.  Katherine Grahaman, owner and publisher of Newsweek Magazine was another famous attendee.

At that meeting this prestigious group of some of the world's most powerful people formally adopted a definition of the phrase "New World Order."  Their NWO will be: "A supranational authority to regulate world commerce and industry; an international organization that would control the production and consumption of oil; an international currency that would replace the dollar; a world development fund that would make funds available to free and Communist nations alike; an international police force to enforce the edicts of the New World Order."

Many supporters of the NWO espouse a philosophy called technocracy, which is rule by experts, scientists or technicians.  It is not democratic in any sense by which Americans understand the term.  One very famous advocate of the New World Order is Zbigniew Brzezinski.  He was a National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter and other presidents.  He called his version of technocracy "technetronics."  In his book, "Between Two Ages," Brzezinski wrote: "The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society.  Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values."

This "technetronic" union of nations would call for the desovereignization of all existing countries.  This new ordering would reduce the United States of America to a mere regional government -- perhaps the "United States of North America."  The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is widely seen as one stepping stone to the NWO.  Former Secretary of State Henry Kissenger was quoted by the Los Angeles Times in 1993 as saying: "NAFTA represents the single most creative step towards a New World Order."  The Common Market in Europe and the European Union are similarly seen as bridges to an eventual United States of Europe, which in turn would be just another region of the United Nations' global state (or "global plantation" as some detractors have called it).

A substantial percentage of key positions within the federal government are today "stacked" with globalists.  For example, the second highest ranking official at the State Department for several Administrations was Strobe Talbot, a former Time Magazine reporter.  Mr. Talbot was the Deputy Secretary of State through four presidents.  In 1992 he said: "Within the next hundred years nationhood as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single global authority...  All countries are basically social arrangements.  No matter how permanent and even sacred they may seem at any one time, in fact they are artificial and temporary."  Former Deputy Secretary of State Talbot is but one of thousands of government officials who believe America is but a temporary arrangement -- and are working very hard be make it that way!

Lee Iacocca said: "A little righteous anger really brings out the best in the American personality. Our nation was born when fifty-six patriots got mad enough to sign the Declaration of Independence.  We put a man on the moon because Sputnik made us mad at being number two in space.  Getting mad in a constructive way is good for the soul -- and the country."

What I am telling you tonight is intended to get you mad -- mad at what some minions of the government and/or the globalist conspiracy are doing.  Hopefully, mad enough to enlist your help in stopping this thing.

The government is building a new generation of weapons.  Weapons unlike anything we have seen before.  Weapons that will make atomic bombs obsolete.  Weapons that you and I stand in the cross-hairs of. 

Imagine that this is 1943 and you know about the Manhattan Project which created the atomic bomb -- what do you do?  In a very real sense that is where we stand today.  HAARP, the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program, may well be the flagship of this new technology.

When completed HAARP will be the world's largest radio broadcast station.  Only it will not be broadcasting for human ears.  It is intended to focus 3.6 billion watts of energy into a point between 12 and 30 miles across, and about 2 and a half miles deep, at the top of the atmosphere, in a region called the ionosphere.  Keep in mind that the ionosphere prevents deadly radiation from the sun, called the solar wind, from reaching the earth.  If there were no ionosphere, there would be no life on this planet.  HAARP is designed to "perturb" the ionosphere.  A misjudgment on the part of HAARP's operators could have devastating consequences for all who live here.

Why do they want to fool around with the ionosphere?  Good question.  The government's documents on HAARP are so obviously full of lies and misdirection that one is forced to conclude that the government is trying to hide something.  The government claims HAARP is a civilian science project, all open and above board.  Yet it is owned by the Department of Defense (DOD) and operated by the Navy and the Air Force.  Civilian scientists are involved, but are subject to the instructions of the military managers.

My research shows that HAARP, as a military research project, would violate numerous treaties with the United Nations and the Former Soviet Union.  It seems obvious to me, and to my research team, that HAARP was designated "civilian" to hide these treaty violations.

That is only an informed guess on our part, of course.  Unfortunately, when one is forced to guess about something there are only one or two right answers and an infinity of wrong answers.  In my book, "HAARP: the Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy," I examine each of the most plausible guesses.  I look at what the science says this thing could do, then ask the question, who would want to do that?

The NWO conspiracy is but one of the possible hidden masters plucking HAARP's strings.  Other candidates include supporters of the Strategic Defense Initiative in the upper echelons of the military-industrial-scientific complex and renegade factions of the intelligence community.

The first apparent treaty violation is that the HAARP antenna array is a very advanced type of radar called a phased array.  The Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) treaty that the United States signed with the Soviet Union spells out specific limitations on the use of phased array radars.  HAARP is a unique facility in several respects.  Its effective radiated power will be greater than any other radio stations in the world, more than 72,000 times greater than any legal radio station in the United States.  It has a unique patented ability to focus radio energy at a distance from the transmitter -- something that no other radio broadcaster on earth can do.  And, it can steer its focused beam through 30 degrees of arc.  The ABM treaty specifically limits phased array radars to being used only defensively -- they cannot be used "offensively" to track and shoot-down incoming objects.  A steerable phased array can be used offensively.  HAARP is illegal under the ABM treaty if used by the military -- therefore, it's civilian!

The aurora part of HAARP's name refers to the northern lights.  Surrounding the earth, far out in space beyond the ionosphere, is a magnetic field, called the magnetosphere.  Electrons flow from the magnetosphere to earth at the poles, both north and south.  That flow of electrons can carry a current as great as the output of a 1,000 major electrical power plants.  When this flow, called the electrojet, hits the atmosphere it causes the air to heat and give off photons, visible light, which is what we see in the shimmering auroral displays.

The United States Navy wants to tap into the electrojet, to harness the aurora.  Today the Navy has a problem communicating with deeply submerged submarines.  They want to use extremely low frequency (ELF) radio waves which would travel miles deep into the ocean.  The problem is that to send a message using radio, the antenna used has to be at least as long as the length of the wave to be transmitted.  To send a radio message in the ELF range, at say, 30 hertz, the antenna would have to be over 600 miles long.  They have built the HAARP antenna array to beam into the electrojet, to cause this river of electrons to resonate with, and rebroadcast the signal from the HAARP transmitters.  This would create a virtual antenna thousands of miles long.  The Navy is promoting this use as "civilian" science, because it opens up using the virtual antenna of the aurora to create hundreds, perhaps thousands of new bandwidths available for new radio and TV stations to transmit from.

This tampering with the electrojet could have some very serious consequences for all life on earth.  This plan has been called environmental vandalism by numerous environmental groups.  Messing with the magnetosphere could disrupt migratory species that use the earth's magnetic field in still little-known ways.  Some researchers have suggested that it might even induce a polar shift or magnetic field collapse, which could wipe out up to 99% of life on earth.

A very real concern comes from the mounting evidence of the health risks associated with exposure to electromagnetic radiation -- such as the increases in cancers and leukemia's among people living near electrical high-tension lines.  The government is preparing to bathe the northern hemisphere in a fantastic increase in electromagnetic radiation -- the fallout from which can only be guessed at.  We know what happened with above ground nuclear testing.  Are we all about to become a new generation of "down wind" victims?

What scares me the most about the Navy's plan is that the ELF radio frequencies they plan to be broadcasting in are the exact same frequencies that the human brain works at.  This means that the HAARP array could well become the world's largest bio-feed-back machine.  For decades scientists have known that the brain will lock-on to and go into resonance with external electromagnetic signals.  This is called entrainment.  Many devices are on the market that purport to induce specific mental states, such as deep meditation or lucid dreaming by sending an ELF signal to the brain.  HAARP will irradiate at least the northern half of the globe with ELF at known brain entrainment frequencies.  I am sure you can see the potential for accidental mischief.  What if its intentional?

What if the NWO, or CIA spooks, were to use HAARP to beam emotions, thoughts, words into our heads?  Hypnotists have known for years that commands given to hypnotized subjects are executed once awakened with the subjects convinced that the thoughts were their own.  Words and ideas could be transmitted directly to our brains which we would act on thinking that there were our own thoughts.  Cities could be reduced to rubble by beaming rage into the citizenry.  Programmed assassins or other "Manchurian Candidate" type operatives with hypnotically implanted instructions could be simultaneously set on their preordained missions.  Whole nations could be induced to surrender or to obey after being hit with a wave of despair or specific commands -- like Mark Chapman's' voices that, as he approached John Lennon with a gun in his pocket, repeated "do it, do it."

In my book I detail a century of study by psychiatrists and intelligence operatives (like the CIA & the KGB) into the development of technologies that would allow them to control others at a distance.  HAARP would certainly appear to be the most significant advance in this technology to date.

The Navy, and perhaps the CIA, are not the only Government agencies threatening to turn our heads into three minute meals with HAARP.  The project was funded by the United States Senate to engage in something called Earth Penetrating Tomography (EPT).  EPT is like cat-scanning the earth.  Using radio waves they can see deep into the earth, just as radar uses radio waves in the microwave range to see distant objects in the air.  EPT will be used to find hidden underground bases, tunnels and similar facilities for nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.  The Senate wants this technology to verify compliance with nuclear conterproliferation treaties.  The Air Force wants this to improve their ability to target such sites.  The military claims this is a civilian use of this technology.  I sure doesn't sound civilian to me.  Maybe the scope on a snipers rifle isn't a weapon, either.

To do EPT the HAARP array will come close to literally burning holes in the ionosphere, the layer of the atmosphere that protects us from the sun's deadly radiation.  Technically, the HAARP antenna array is called an ionospheric heater.  This is because its powerful radio broadcast will cause the ionosphere to heat up.  Heated, the thin air of the ionosphere, a hundred miles or more above our heads, will give off a scream of ELF.  This ELF noise can be detected by ground- and/or aircraft-based sensors.  Using sophisticated equipment and computer programs, scientists can read the ELF returning from underground to discover what lies hidden in the earth -- be it oil, coal, archeological sites or underground bases.

This function of HAARP will also bathe us in potentially harmful ELF radiation.  A 1971 report issued by a Presidential advisory council, stated "electromagnetic radiations emanating from radar, television, communications systems, microwave ovens, permeate the environment.  The consequences of undervaluing or misjudging the biological effects of long-term, low-level exposure could become a critical problem for the public health, especially if genetic effects are involved."

In the decades since that report, a literal mountain of evidence has been amassed by scientists around the world showing a clear connection between low level exposure to electromagnetic radiation and human health.  Rome fell in no small part because the Roman elite went mad from lead poisoning caused by their newly invented indoor plumbing -- which used lead pipes.  Today we are poisoning our selves in thousands of ways, like chemicals in the food and the air.  We also live in a sea of "background" electromagnetic radiation coming from airport radars, our televisions, computers and video poker machines, cellular telephones, power lines overhead and in the walls of our homes.  How much more harm HAARP will add to this mix is being quietly ignored by the project's civilian scientists and their military masters.

Our health is also threatened by HAARP in other ways.  Some researchers have expressed concern that this beaming of gigawatts of ELF energy into the earth could trigger earthquakes.  The earth's core and the mechanism that creates the earth's magnetic field are still mysteries.  What effects HAARP might have upon the earth's geomagnetic systems is equally unknown.  Is this something we what the DOD's pet scientists to learn about the hard way?

HAARP is designed to replicate solar phenomena.  This is from an official HAARP fact sheet, available on the Internet: " . . . [S]ince the sun's radiation creates and maintains the ionosphere, sudden variations in this radiation such as those caused by solar flares can affect the performance of radio systems.  Sometimes the changes are sufficient to induce large transient currents in electric power transmission grids, causing widespread power outages."  It is certainly not inconceivable that the fantastic energy levels HAARP will be injecting into the ionosphere could trigger similar events.  For some, a power outage is merely an inconvenience, for others it can mean damaged electronic equipment, particularly computers; doctors forced to operate by flash light; and, as in the infamous blackouts of New York City, it often means rape, burglary and murder.  Are you prepared to let some scientist tinkering with the aurora turn out your lights?

The portion of the ionosphere heated by HAARP will rise.  This is one way that HAARP could be used to create a Star Wars style missile shield -- which is probably the real reason for the project.  Ionospheric material rising into space would create drag where the programmers of Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) had not expected any drag to be, possibly deflecting or destroying such missiles.

These plumes of rising material would also create winds in the lower atmosphere as air rushed in to fill the space.  This potentially could be used to move the jet stream around, giving the DOD the weather control weapon it has been searching for since the Vietnam War.  Used unintentionally this could cause severe crazy weather in Alaska and Canada.  Used intentionally HAARP could be used to move the jet stream at will.  In peacetime this could be the end of floods and drought.  In time of war it could be used to do the reverse, creating floods of Biblical proportions or starving an enemy into submission.  The United States is signatory to a United Nations treaty prohibiting the use of environmental modification as a weapon of war.  Weather control as a weapon, much less unleashing earthquakes on demand, would be a violation of that treaty.  Again we see potential military violations hiding behind a civilian skirts.

As mentioned in the HAARP Fact Sheet quoted above, changing the shape of the ionosphere will also change the way it propagates radio waves.  The ionosphere is used to bounce radio waves around the world, making long-range radio possible.  Ionospheric heating on the scale planned for HAARP would give the DOD the ability to jam radio communications worldwide in time of war.  Conversely, since they would know exactly where the ionosphere is being altered, the DOD could keep its own communications open, undisturbed.

Well, if I don't sound like a nut case yet, let me drop the other shoe and talk about UFOs and little green men without green cards.  Perhaps you have heard of MJ-12.  According to the wild tales of some UFOlogists, MJ-12 was a super high-echelon, ultra top secret group of military and government insiders, created after the crash and recovery of a UFO near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.  According to the likes of John Lear, formerly the CIA's top pilot, and Constitutionalist Bill Cooper, the MJ-12 group has since become the dominant force in world politics: controlling governments, cutting deals with the aliens and so on.  UFOlogists of their sort have maintained that MJ-12, and the presence of aliens among us, is the Big Conspiracy.  What if they are right?  What if there really is an ultimate conspiracy between extra-terrestrials and, say, the Trilateral Commission?

It does make sense that if an alien culture wanted to make official contact with the Peoples of the Earth, they might want us to have a single voice (i.e. a single, world government) to speak for all of mankind.  Is the current push to create a one-world government a movement to bring us into some larger galactic order?  Is MJ-12 the real savior of earth?  Will a United Federation of Earth soon be building real spaceports?  Are we about to find the Earth in a trade imbalance with the Pleiades star cluster?

Most of the UFO whistleblowers on this plot insist that the aliens are not here for our benefit, however.  In most of their stories they say that the E.T.s consider us to be a stupid, inferior life-form; regarding us in much the same way as we regard cattle.  They are said to consider us useful only as DNA suppliers, and, perhaps, as lunchmeat.  Is the Earth about to become a planet-wide genetics factory or fast food restaurant, one with humanburgers as the principal entrée?  Is there a central contact group, such as the alleged MJ-12, being used by the aliens to create a single earth government which would ultimately become the sheep with the bell for the rest of us to follow into the slaughterhouse or shearing pen, as they elect?

There have been a lot of movies and TV shows in recent years about contact with intelligences from beyond Earth.  Some, like "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind," "E.T." and the TV show "Alf," have depicted the aliens as good guys who are here to help us, or at least to be our friends.  Other films and shows, like "Independence Day" and "Third Rock From The Sun" depict the aliens as invaders, here to steal our world from us. 

Since the major media is owned by the multi-national corporations who are controlled by the leaders of the NWO movement, these shows certainly could be psychological programming.  If they are, are they intended to soften up the public into accepting the official line when the aliens are revealed, or, lacking any real aliens, are these shows being aired to further a hoax perpetrated by the Conspiracy to foist off their New World Order?

HAARP, or a device like HAARP, could play a role in either real or imaginary "the aliens are coming!" scenarios.  If HAARP is "Star Wars" technology coming on-line, it might be used, not to fight the Russians or the Chinese, but invading aliens.  The concept behind using a HAARP-like apparatus to create a "full, global shield" is fairly simple, if difficult to achieve.

Dr. Bernard Eastlund, who wrote the original patent that became the HAARP project, believed his device could create "relativistic particles," which are charged particles, such as electrons, moving at the speed of light.  These particles might be able to destroy any space vehicle they encounter.  They could, at least in theory, prevent any nation on earth from getting its ICBMs through the HAARP-generated relativistic particle cloud to destroy any other nation.  Using this capability HAARP might also be able to prevent alien spacecraft from entering the Earth's atmosphere.

Contrariwise, as President Ronald Reagan repeatedly said, if the people of this planet could be made to believe that there were aliens about to invade the earth, nation would be forced to band with nation to fight the common enemy -- even if there were none.  Currently there are several devices being tested by the military for putting holograms into the air.  On 31 January, 1996, for example, CNN Worldwide News reported that the Secretary of the Air Force had announced the development of a "next generation" of military defense weapons which included the projection of holographic images into the sky to terrify or disorient the enemy.  Some researchers insist that HAARP could be used in this way.  The intense beam from the HAARP array may be able to heat the air sufficiently to force it to give off photons, thus painting the sky with selected images.  Even if HAARP could not be used as a planetary movie projector, it could at least provide the audio track by beaming words into our heads.  With the conspiracy writing the script, what might they do?  What amazing nonsense might they be able to convince the world of?

This hoaxing of the populace, if it could be pulled off, could be just the ticket for creating the NWO.  Some researchers believe that the military and/or the intelligence community (such as the National Reconnaissance Organization, who manages our spy satellites) have secretly placed other bits of Star Wars type weaponry in orbit -- such as nuclear lasers.  It occurred to me, that by firing these weapons at targets on earth, in combination with visual and audio illusions created by HAARP and similar hologram projecting devices, the conspiracy could create the ultimate "Invaders From Mars" movie, played out in the sky above our heads.

On the other hand, you may have noticed that the world is positively seething with Islamic and Christian fundamentalism.  At the same time there is a significant movement to create not just dialog between the world's religions but an actual single world religion paralleling the world government.  Taking a different tack, might not the conspiracy use this hoaxing technology to create a religion of their design?

An example of such potential misuse of this technology can be seen in the effects of the "Persinger Helmet," a brain research tool designed by Dr. Michael Persinger of the Laurentian University of Ontario, Canada.  With it he discovered, in the late 1980s, that when specific frequencies are directed into the hippocampus area of the back brain a large percentage of subjects reported UFO abduction experiences, out of body experiences, and a wide range of altered states of consciousness, including "Union with God."  Volunteers wearing his device had hallucinations that were perceived as extremely real.  What could the Conspiracy do with this knowledge and a tool like HAARP to put a "virtual" Persinger Helmet on all of our heads?  One application that comes readily to mind is the creation of a fake "Rapture."

Imagine being able to project into the skies above the people's of the Earth, an image of the God, Goddess or Gods of the dominant religion of each region -- Shiva, Buddha, Mohammed, Christ . . .  While doing this, ecstatic emotions and/or engineered states of consciousness are also being beamed at the people via HAARP.  Imagine being able make the people hear the words of the projected God spoken inside their own mind.  Imagine being able to tell the people that all Gods are the One God, that the day of fulfillment is at hand; and then to merge the images in the air into One God -- one of the NWO's design.  Seems likely that the Conspiracy could get near instantaneous conversion of an overwhelming majority of the earth's population to any religion of their choosing by such a ploy.

This just scratches the surface of potential uses for HAARP.  One day I sat down and made up a list of every possible application I could think of or could recall from our two years of research.  I stopped writing after filling four pages of notes!  HAARP, used for good could improve world-wide radio communications, reduce the damage caused by uncontrolled weather, and even possibly repair the hole in the ozone layer.  Used by the military it could stop a missile attack, or counter-attack -- opening the door to the US initiating a "first strike."  It could be used against specific targets, like disabling enemy spy satellites, or against whole continents, controlling the weather or disrupting biological or mental function.  This use of HAARP against combatants and non-combatants alike is yet another possible violation of UN treaties.  The US is signatory to a treaty that bans the use of "blind" weapons, that is, ones that cannot differentiate between soldier and civilian.

HAARP will affect everyone within the range of its broadcast, which might be the entire earth.  HAARP is an experiment being conducted on us without our consent -- a clear violation of the Nuremberg Code which requires that all human experimentation be conducted with informed consent.  It is time to act.  You and I will be affected by HAARP.  It is not a matter of if, only a matter of how much.  Now it's up to you, this is, after all, your planet.

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By Jerry E. Smith:

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