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Professional Societies and Honorary Positions Held



Snapped at the First Annual Convention of the
American Media Association
in Reno, Nevada, in 2000


Professional Societies

And Honorary Positions Held

Jerry E. Smith



Member, Art Bell Chat Club, Reno, Nevada, 2001 to 2003


Member, American Media Association (AMA). 2000 (Member Journalist, press pass holder, Lic. No. 032510-24)


Member, Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society (LASFS). 1968 present.


Member, Los Angeles Amateur Press Alliance (APA-L). 1968 75


Founder, Unicorn Society (US). 1973


Founding Editor, Unicorn Amateur Press Alliance (UnAPA). 1973


Member, once Chairman, twice Secretary and several times Social Director, Valley Science Fiction Association (ValSFA). 1966 - 72

Member, Valley Amateur Press Alliance (ValAPA). 1966 72



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