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Reviews of HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy

Reviews of
by Jerry E. Smith

Most people were introduced to the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) in 1995 when Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning exposed [it] in the book Angels Don't Play This HAARP.

HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy by Jerry Smith takes HAARP a few steps farther than Begich and Manning. Dr. Begich is a scientist who painstakingly described the science of HAARP and the many potential applications of its technology -- good and evil. Smith, on the other hand, has been a dedicated student of our complex and often unjust world. Smith restates the science of HAARP to lay a solid foundation of the subject matter while articulating his lucid world view to explain why it is inevitable that HAARP's powerful weapons will be used against people. HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy advances the thesis that, at a moment of 'their' choosing, HAARP will be capable of causing mischief on a scale we would only expect from God.

If you found Angels Don't Play This HAARP fascinating, then HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy will be the next logical step in understanding what HAARP means to those upon whom it will be used and those who desire to have access to such powerful weapons.

~ Don Harkins of The Idaho Observer

Jerry E. Smith presents us first with the facts and details of the HAARP installation in Alaska. He tells us fairly what the government says is its intended purpose. He painstakingly explains the technology of the project and what the capabilities are, and this is indeed where the book starts getting scarier than Stephen King. At least, we can dismiss Mr. King's works as fiction. Not so with this book.

Mr. Smith's style is often conversational, and yet always authoritative. He keeps the reader interested throughout the book, and gives hooks at each chapter's end telling us what's coming up ahead. He's easy with the science, thank goodness, since I was no star in high school or college science. He does refresh our memories of what scientific knowledge is necessary for understanding HAARP and it's potential uses and effects. Even if HAARP is an innocent little scientific research toy that our tax dollars are making possible, it can inadvertently do our environment irreparable harm. And if anybody decides to take advantage of the capabilities that Mr. Smith proves it has, it can affect our weather, wipe out the user's enemies (real or fancied), and--according to the technological evidence presented, affect our thinking, our perceptions, our minds.

Once establishing the dangerous potential of HAARP, Mr. Smith examines possible conspiracies. We're quite aware of the New World Order. Some feel this projected world government would better the world, end war, enable us to solve Earth's problems. Others fear the emergence of leaders and controllers who are more concerned with wielding power than with the public good. Such a group would naturally have access to HAARP and it's capabilities. Many Christians are convinced that a benevolent appearing but actually malevolent ‘Anti-Christ’ who has extraordinary powers and will inspire worship from the masses will be in control of the New World Order. HAARP has the potential of giving such a leader these powers. Many of us feel such a leader or group of leaders would be inevitable in any New World Order whether or not one gives any credit to Biblical prophecy. And the author emphasizes what any conspiracy type group could use HAARP for. There are many other conspiracy theories detailed here, some being wildly speculative. However, Mr. Smith explains that in this section of the book, he is merely pointing out possibilities that many see as threats regardless of his personal opinion.

Finally, we're inspired to action. Smith tells us just what each of us can do as individuals. Each of us has a sphere of influence in which we can influence others, and each person one of us influences will in turn influence others, so each individual can make a difference. The writer shows ways to do this.

~ Neal Clark Reynolds
Amazon.com Top 500 Reviewer


In this comprehensive treatment, Smith analyzes HAARP's background in terms of Tesla technology, the Bernard Eastlund patent for altering the Earth's atmospheric, ionospheric and/or magnetospheric regions, and electromagnetic warfare between the ex-USSR and the USA. [Is HAARP] just a Big Science project or a Big Military project that is part of a New World Order conspiracy? According to author Jerry Smith in this latest book on HAARP, the latter is the case, and he devotes much space to examining why. Smith urges that we need to encourage debate and lobby governments and agencies -- whether we want to stop the project or at least insist that appropriate safety controls are put in place.

~ Ruth Parnell, Nexus Magazine

Readers new to the topic will find HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy to be informative... [Smith] clearly relates the project's history and the technology that preceded it. The chapter on inventor Nikola Tesla is well constructed, as is the description of what HAARP may be capable of -- everything from weather modification to mind contol.

~ Frank Spaith,
Fate Magazine

Jerry E. Smith's HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy, is based on researches which follow on from where his friend and colleague Jim Keith left off, after his untimely and suspicious death. This comprehensive and erudite book avoids lengthy technical digressions, but presents all the pertinent facts clearly and bluntly before us. Clearly, the world's techno-elites have been creating a formidable arsenal of super-weapons that will forever change the world and the fate of humankind. Jerry Smith's HAARP bravely names the names, and reveals the crimes and the criminals. An indispensable work for seasoned researchers or for those who come to these subjects for the first time. Arm yourself with knowledge, and find out what Big Brother has been up to at your expense. Find out who is doing what to whom, and what you can do about it.

~ Michael Tsarion, author of Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation


Jerry E. Smith provides the first full-blown conspiracy analysis of the HAARP project since Nick Begich first brought the subject up... The book provides a wealth of hard data, with graphics and photos, to help readers understand the reality of the facility but complements that with well-documented speculation about even the strangest possibilities. ...HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy offers quite a tour de force, but readers need not follow the conspiratorializing to appreciate the science presented as well as the basic facts about HAARP.

~ Kenn Thomas, Steamshovel Press


This heavily-researched book reveals a Pandora's Box of technological horrors: worldwide mind control, communications monitoring and disruption, weather modification, environmentally destructive alteration of the ionosphere, and more. This radical science might actually be happening now--with HAARP's stupendously powerful radio-wave beaming system.

Jerry E. Smith reveals the possible conspiracies that may have coalesced to seize this amazingly versatile technology and turn it into a system for control and enslavement.

HAARP is a science experiment performed on a scale that can alter the entire planet. HAARP, The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy shows why the project may be one of the most dangerous systems ever devised, and why it must be scrutinized, monitored by citizen oversight, and thoroughly investigated before being allowed to continue.

Lloyd Ritchey, author of Stormdragon

Ionospheric Manipulation Made Easy: HAARP’s ionospheric research instrument comprises 180 aluminum antenna towers [1] on a 40-acre plot. Together the towers beam radio waves into the ionosphere, which begins about 50 miles up. There, sunlight temporarily strips gas molecules [2] of their electrons, creating charged particles [3]. Scientists tweak HAARP’s signal [4] to stimulate reactions in the lower ionosphere, causing phenomena such as radiating auroral currents, a.k.a. “virtual antennas,” which send extremely low-frequency waves back to Earth. The waves can reach deep into the ocean and could improve submarine communication. At night, the absence of sunlight causes the lowest layer of the ionosphere to temporarily disappear [5]. This allows HAARP to conduct experiments that could lead to better ways to use a process called skywave propagation. Photo by Paul Wootton. From the article "The Military's Mystery Machine" in Popular Science, June, 2008. http://www.popsci.com/military-aviation-space/article/2008-06/militarys-mystery-machine

I am a big fan of Jerry Smith's writing. His books provide the full story about a subject, not the highlights. If youre looking for the cliff notes on HAARP then youre looking in the wrong place. In this book Jerry takes us into the covert and secret world of HAARP and does it with his usual detail. The book is full of the history, detail, and background on the HAARP system.

When you finish this book you will not only understand what HAARP is, which honestly is a little complicated, but more importantly what it can do. And let me tell you its a little scary, running the gamut from mind control to weather modification and everything in between. This is very scary stuff, but an excellent book to read on the subject.

One of the things I really like about Jerry Smith as an author is the level of detail he puts into the book, but also the way he structures it. When you first start to read this one he introduces you to HAARP from a historical point of view and pushing ahead to the more controversial what can it do you grow in knowledge with the book. It makes for a very good read as you incrementally come up to speed. But the surprise is at the end..

At the end of the book Jerry even provides the original patent and now that youve read through the whole youre ready to tackle it as well as understand it.

Now the boring stuff -- cover and internal art are classic AUP and frankly I get a big kick out of it, but even if you don't -- the content speaks for itself, and it speaks loudly. Lots of footnotes and resources, always the hallmark of an excellent well written book.

My final word? If youre interested in HAARP, Weather Modification, Mind Control or DARPA you NEED this book. GO BUY IT NOW. Dont take shortcuts, read the whole thing, and youll be much better informed about just how scary our world is.

Olav Phillips
The Anomalies Network



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