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Scientology -- Part Five

 My Ten Years (give or take) In Scientology, Part Five


By Jerry E. Smith






As D of P I was in charge of the HGC, all the auditors, the case supervisors and the cases of all its pre-clears, and pre-OTs. I had acquired the position because the previous D of P had been removed from post in disgrace and was awaiting Scn's equivalent of trial, a Committee of Evidence [Comm Ev].


When The Tech is improperly, or inadequately, delivered it is called out-tech. The previous D of P had been removed for out-tech in the confessional auditing of OT Preps. The Senior Case Supervisor [Snr CS] was under investigation, an investigation that was expected to result in a Comm Ev, and one auditor was suspended from post. Stats were down. Heads were rolling.


I was shifted from DTS, something three hard years had taught me to do, and I believe I did rather well, to D of P, about which I knew squat.


Here I was, expected to get Tech In (applied fully and properly) at The American Saint Hill, one of Scn's most prestigious orgs, a Case Cracking org (Case Cracking is the Technical action of finding The Bug, the reason why someone was not making good solid Big gains in Scn and getting that handled so that the are "flying" again), and with me having almost no Tech training!


Frankly, I wouldn't have known "in-tech" if it ran over me. But I was expected to Make It Go Right!


And failure meant punishment. Bad punishment.




Here's where I have to tell you about the RPF. The Rehabilitation (or in some versions Redemption) Project Force. Remember the EPF above? The RPF is a thousand times worse!


The RPF was where SO members who had "failed" or had been shown to have "anti-social tendencies" but who might yet be "salvaged" were sent.


The RPF program never took less the 2 years to complete. In the RPF you always wore a blue boiler suit to show your status. You were never allowed to originate communications to anyone outside of the RPF, you only spoke when spoken to. You could never contact anyone outside, not friends, not relatives. You did back breaking manual labor (mostly building renovations, remodeling the old Cedars complex to suit the new Scn tenants) all day long, from about 5 am to about 7 pm. Then you studied or co-audited until about midnight. You were housed (berthed) in an area completely separate from the rest of the SO. Your working and sleeping areas where guarded by security offices armed with batons and mace. You could not escape. It is a prison within the SO for those convicted of breaches of Scn's ethics, tech, or policy regulations -- or on the whim of a CMO or higher SO Officer!


In the three years I was at ASHO F the D's of P before me had been either demoted to a lesser post, blown, been promoted to a higher post (then RPFed), or directly RPFed from the post of D of P. From the first moment that I was appointed to the post of D of P I fully expected to be RPFed.


A few weeks into being the D of P the highest ranking SO officer on the West Coast, the Acting/Temopary Commanding Officer of the Commodore’s Messenger Org [A/T CO CMO] took me aside. We went into an auditing room and had a little chat. He asked me what I really wanted to do in Scn. I told him that I was an artist, a writer and a layout person and really wanted to be perusing my Art. Then he asked me what I feared most in Scn. I told him the RPF. Then he told me, from his position as the Commanding Officer of the most powerful branch of Scn management that, if I did well as D of P he would personally see to it that my dreams would be soon and fully realized. And if I failed as D of P he would also personally see that I ended up on the RPF and stayed there for a good long while.


I don't suppose I have to tell you that he kept his promise, do I?


I was D of P for about 8 months. The HGC seemed to be doing alright, but the stats were level. Not down, just level. 8 months of level is very bad news in Scn. I insisted that it wasn't my fault, that the Registrars [Reges] were responsible for signing up new people, they weren't sending me anyone to audit. The reges in turn insisted that there had to still be out tech in the HGC and that was why there were so few starts.


The Religious Technology Center [RTC] (the Ultimate Top of the Scn Management heap) came in on a msn to investigate. They interviewed all the HGC staff and public. They decided that the person responsible for screwing the HGC up was me.


Now I have to admit, I am not easy to work with. I have a tendency to get hysterical. I make noise, I yell and shout, I'm not polite. I'm a pain, okay? Just ask the people I work with! I am a good person, but not a nice person.


The CO CMO personally signed my RPF order. No Comm Ev, no Board of Investigation [B of I], nothing. RTC says it's so, it's so. CO CMO says do it, it's done.


When one begins the RPF program the first thing one has to do is sign a waiver. The waiver states that you understand that the RPF is a spiritual program and that you are undertaking it willingly, and of your own choice, requesting to be admitted to the program, and that you know the rules of no outside contact and agree to adhere to those rules.


I am sure that this is done because too many people found themselves literally held prisoner, escaped, and later sued.


I refused to sign the waiver.


There are only two options at this point, sign, or be routed out with the SO's equivalent of a Dishonorable Discharge. I routed out.


That routing out included some dozens of hours of sec-checks to find out what crimes I had been committing. Squeaky clean again, nothing to report, thank you. That, they couldn't understand. Only a Criminal would want to leave the SO!


Last I heard I was officially assigned an Ethics Condition of Doubt. I have a freeloader debt of about $5000 (mostly sec-checks), and I am permanently disqualified from ever holding any post in any org.


And once Scn reads this I am sure I will be declared a "Suppressive Person" and deigned all training and processing Forever. Oh! Don’t throw me in that briar patch!




All of you who have not yet read Russell Miller's Barefaced Messiah: The True Story of L. Ron Hubbard are advised to do so right away.


It dissects the official biographies of LRH, starting with his grandparent’s marriage and continues chronologically through to LRH's death, giving what really happened and what he really did. The book is massively annotated with the source of every single fact.


Why? Because Hubbard lied about his life, throughout his life. His "official" biographies are total fiction! Much of the material comes from the files of the C of S's Official LRH Archive (the one that was "stolen" by the archivist and some 10,000 documents of which were the subject of a major court trial in L. A.) and the research of Omar Garrison, as well as Miller's.


Garrison was going to write a book like this but when he discovered what Hubbard really did, and revealed those findings to the Church, the C of S paid him a fortune not to write it! It is my belief that the Miller book is really the Garrison book in a clever plastic disguise.


The wild part is that Hubbard shot himself with his own gun on this one. The "story" goes... when Hubbard decided to bug out after the FBI raided Scn, he ordered all his CMO troops to destroy any evidence that would link him to the Church. Hubbard had officiall retired as Head of the Church in the 1960s, yet he ran the Chruch on a daily basis up until his death in the 1980s. Among the stuff to be destroyed, a Messenger named Armstrong discovered several boxes with LRH memorabilia: personal diaries, baby shoes and the like, and realizing that "posterity" would want this stuff preserved and prevailed on Hubbard to start an Archive around it.


Hubbard agreed and Armstrong was moved into the Cedars Complex where he began collecting everything he could get on Hubbard. The first cracks appeared when Armstrong got Hubbard's Naval Records via a Freedom Of Information Act request.


Hubbard was a gold bricking turd per his official records. He had repeatedly signed up for courses to avoid being sent to the front. Among the many classes he had attended he had gone to a Naval Intelligence School and was subsequently sent to Australia as Intelligence personnel. His superior busted him and sent him back Stateside after just as few months stating that he was a swaggering idiot who would get himself killed if he were ever sent out on a real mission. Hubbard had even gone so far as to get himself a riding crop to swagger about with!


Later in life Hubbard had claimed to have attended Princeton University, but in reality, the Naval Intelligence courses he had taken had been delivered on the campus of Princeton.


Hubbard claimed to have been the first American military person to be wounded in the Pacific Theatre. No evidence for this claim existed in his file.


Hubbard also claimed to have been a commander of a Corvette. In fact his one and only command was a mine sweeper – for a few days. After blowing it as a Spy he had signed up for Mine Sweeper School (any school was better than really being at the front). After he graduated he was given command of a sweeper – to move it from Seattle to San Diego. Off the Oregon coast he made contact with a "Jap sub" and gave chase for many hours, pulling in both bombers and other Naval vessels. Afterward the Admiral in charge concluded that Hubbard had "sunk a log" and rescinded his command in San Francisco. The guy never even made it to San Diego!


Discovering this began to shake Armstrong's belief in Hubbard. About then Garrison began working with the kid and it soon became apparent that Hubbard had lied about just about everything. Garrison and Armstrong realized that as soon as their Scn higher-ups discovered what was up the stuff would really hit the fan. That was when Armstrong smuggled his archive (copies of) out of the Church.


When Scn did discover what was up it did indeed hit the fan. Garrison was bought off and Armstrong was charged with theft and a variety of other charges.


Somehow a major portion of the 10,000 or so contested documents did reach Miller and that is where this book came from. Fascinating reading, especially for a Scnist!


Also read, L. Ron Hubbard, Messiah or Madman? by Bent Corydon and L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. It is good as a second punch to fill out Miller's story. However, I don't believe that it is as factually reliable. Corydon had several axes to grind with Scn, and LRH, Jr. [Nibs] had officially repudiated most of his "testimony" in this book, some years previous.


Also recommended is Paulette Cooper's The Scandal Of Scientology. It is not nearly as good as these, though. It is a rather biographical piece and in some areas tells more about Miss Cooper than about Scn. Still it does support and fill out the contentions of the two books above and goes into greater detail into the Australian Inquiry. The Australian government investigated Scn and came to the conclusion that it was a combination of silly ideas, weird psychology and dangerous hypnosis, and ordered it banned in Australia.




My first introduction to philosophy, and the art of thinking was at age 8 reading Robert A. Heinlein [RAH]'s Have Spacesuit, Will Travel. That hooked me on sf, the literature of ideas. Soon I had read all of RAH's juvenile sf and had progressed on to read everything my local library had to offer -- Space Cat, Asimov's Lucky Star, Space Ranger, etc. Then at about age 10 or 12 I began reading adult sf, books like Children of the Atom, and When Worlds Collide.


About the same time as I was discovering sf, my mother became active in the Lutheran Church and roped me into going there with her. I remember sitting in Sunday School thinking how lame those dumb Bible stories were, and how RAH could write circles around those guys!


The Lutheran Church has been described as Catholicism without the Pope. It is a very Catholic form of Protestantism. It, for example, also has catechism, a prolonged course of study that culminates in the student's being admitted to full membership in the congregation. While I was in catechism we studied Martin Luther. Not the actual things he wrote of course, but what people said about what he said. Still, some of his message got through, and the things that he said that were wrong with Rome were going on right in my own church. My first contact with hypocrisy. It struck me very hard.


Shortly after I graduated from catechism we moved and my mother did not like the Lutheran church in our new area. I liked the cute organist, but that, as I have said, is another story...


I stopped attending church and began reading somewhat more widely. Somehow I read a number of anti-Christian things and they reinforced my growing belief that something smelled very bad in the Vatican.


Then I met Jim Keith in 1966 and he and I discovered the I Ching. Somebody told him about it and he was interested but his library card was heavy with fines so he sent me to pick it up. Within weeks I think we were both hooked.


About that same time I read a book called The Living Master and went exterior reading a chapter in it on the Bhardic Planes called "Mansions of the Soul." That did it, I left Christianity forever.


I became a "devoted" user of the I Ching (as mentioned above) and got into Zen and Buddhism and Taoism.


When I first made contact with Scientology I was a "non-practicing" Zen-Buddhist. I wanted to believe in Enlightenment, in higher states and so on, but my own strong strain of Rationalist imprinting {see: Prometheus Rising}, brought about perhaps by my early introduction to sf's rationalist "prove it" attitude about religion and metaphysics, and my general laziness, held me back.


Indeed it was Scn's appearance of "scientific method" and rational thought that hooked me, got around my "guard" as it were.


Now, I hope I know better. Part of how Scn fools folks is that it preys on the "semi-literate" in philosophy and metaphysics, the "half-trained" in scientific thought and method. Hubbard stole everything from other, earlier works, and the literate person in those fields sees right through it. That was how I got caught. I was smart, but only a high school grad, literate, but really only in sf. I was half-smart.


But the wild thing is, Hubbard did come up with some hot stuff! He took General Semantics and welded it on to a Freudian talk therapy, threw a Crowleylian angle on it and slipped in a little hypnotic hook to hold the client and "sold a million of 'em." I am quite sure that he did make some real and valuable discoveries, discoveries that could advance this civilization. But they are buried inside a dictatorial fascist pseudo-scientific church! I want to see a real scientific investigation in what Hubbard found and get the truth sorted out from the BS.


Today I have no religion, no specific philosophy. I am still certain that there is far more to a human that just the meat. I am sure I can, and regularly do, read minds. And that is about as far as I am sure. Indeed, today my motto is "Believe Nothing."


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