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Scientology -- Part Two

My Ten Years (give or take) In Scientology, Part Two

By Jerry E. Smith



Unfortunately, pay was the big problem with sticking it out in S. F.

All Scn staff, below the level of the Sea Organization [SO] (more on the SO and over all Scn organization later), are on what is called the Proportional Pay Plan, or the Unit.

Every post (job, or job title) in the org is rated with an arbitrary Unit Value, e.g. a file clerk's job might be worth, say, 4 units, an auditor's 30 units, and a ED's 60 units. Once per week the org's Financial Planning Committee [FP Committee] meet. They take the total amount of that week's gross income [GI] and the total number of units of staff posted in the org and work out the Unit; in theory total GI divided by total units equals unit value, but of course all bills and overhead and future planning are taken out first, and what's left is what the staff gets paid.

So, out of a weekly GI of say, $10,000 the corrected gross income [CGI] might be 2,300. If the total number of units was 1,000, the unit would be worth $2.30 and that file clerk with 4 units would make $9.20 for the week!

My first week at SFO Day I was paid about $14. My best week there was about $28. My last week was just $4 and change! And this is common for staff salaries even today!

Most staff members live communally, 8 to 12 to a four bedroom house, work outside jobs in addition, and are deeply in debt.

Why are they in debt? Scn is incredibly expensive.

Auditing is sold in blocks of 12 1/2 hours (called "intensives" because auditing is supposed to be delivered intensively for maximum gain by the parishioner [usually called a pre-clear or PC], and policy requires that a 12 1/2 intensive be "delivered" within a seven day period) and averages about $7,000 per intensive!

The New Era Dianetics Course ([NED crs or Class V] which teaches one to be a fully trained Professional Dianetics Auditor) is $3,700. The prerequisite to NED is the Academy levels.

Each of the five levels of the Academy Levels of auditor training (levels 0 to IV) are about $2,500 per level or $10,000 if bought at the same time! The prerequisites to doing the Academy levels are the Student Hat, the Pro TRs course and Method One:

The Student Hat is $950. This course embodies a real breakthrough. Hubbard was having trouble teaching students to do Dn and Scn right, so he studied studying, and made some real discoveries. The basic reasons for why a student fails were located and remedies found. I highly recommend doing this course. You don't have to go to Scn to do it though. You will find the complete course materials in a book called The Basic Study Manuel available from a Scn "out-reach" group called Applied Scholastics. A much abbreviated version of this course can be found in the book The Volunteer Minister's Handbook(more on this book below).

The Professional TRs Course is $2,500. TRs are Training Routines designed to train an auditor how to handle communications within an auditing session, the Communications Course is a TRs course). The full TRs from the Comm Crs are included in The Basic Study Manual.

Method One is an auditing acting where one goes over thousands of words with a dictionary to full conceptual understanding for a total resurgence and recovery of everything you ever studied... It was learning about M1 that first caught my interest and got me to start reading LRH books. I have had hundreds of hours of metered (using the Hubbard Electrometer, or E-meter) word clearing, and it really is a gas, I love it. To do M1 one does it as a metered co-audit, that is you and another student audit each other, the Method One Co-Audit Course is $950.

So there are two major "routes" to going clear and OT. One may go the professional PC route of having the org audit you up to clear, at these fantastically inflated rates, or, one can train at the relatively cheaper student rates and then co-audit with another student for just the cost of CS (Case Supervisor) time (a few hundred dollars per hour).

Estimates on how much it costs to go Clear vary, but it commonly takes 150 to 500 hours of auditing, or $100,000 plus! And Scn offers hundreds of courses and special auditing actions to suck up the believers’ cash.

Very few people are able to come up with that kind of money, but Scnists try. Most Scnists are in debt. They borrow every penny they can from family and friends and mortgage the house, the farm, what ever.

I mentioned Larry Neilson above. He was typical in this regard. He had spent over $97,000 in Scn before he died. When Larry Neilson's father died Larry Neilson got the estate and promptly mortgaged the family property (a house his father had built with his own hands) and sold off a valuable portfolio of blue chip stocks. When Larry Neilson died he had had no job for some time, because of several factors, and so had several boarders living in the house to maintain an income, and was walking everywhere he went unable to afford a car, and was trying desperately to pull together enough money to buy another intensive. It has been suggested that the seizure that killed him was brought on in no small part from this stress.

The whole time I was on staff in S. F. I was living on somebody's couch, first living at Hatter's and then when he got fed up with me I moved across the bay to Larry Neilson's. Hatter has since corrected me on why he pushed me out of his nest. It wasn't so much that I was mooching on him, which was a bit of a bother, but that he could see that Scn was using me and I would hear nothing of what he had to say on the subject. Larry Neilson had some years before moved to Berkeley and brushed with Scn. While at Larry Neilson's I got him back into Scn, but that didn't last long that time, but he returned to Scn, apparently several times over the next few years until his death.

When I finished SS2 I had to sign my staff contract. Staff contracts are for either two and a half or five year periods. I don't remember this too good, but I think some how I skated out and never did sign, or if I did, it didn't make much of an impression on me.

I then went on to my Post Hat.

In Scn every job is called a hat, and the course of study to learn your job is also called a hat, or hating, and the manila folder you keep the PLs relevant to your post in is also called your hat, or hat pack.

The hating cycle is Instant Hat, Mini Hat, Full Post Hat.

An Instant Hat is just that. Someone spends a couple of minutes to a few hours explaining what you are supposed to do, like: "You sit here and write letters to get people to come in."

Then a Mini Hat is a very short course usually three hours to three days long. It is mostly the fundamental HCO PLs regarding your specific post.

Then comes the Full Post Hat. It is a lengthy course, usually a few months, and covers everything about that post.

After one has completed his Full Post Hat one would ordinarily be given a Technical Individual Program [TIP]. This usually includes any basic Scn courses such as the Student Hat or a course called The PTS and SP Detection, Handling, and Routing Course and then one would be reTIPed for either Tech or Admin training. An Admin TIP would include the Organization Executive Course volume [OEC vol] for one's division, then the full OEC and after that the Flag Executive Briefing Course (FEBC) and, of course, a full Internship on both the OEC and FEBC to make one a fully trained Scn Executive. Such a TIP would take not less than 5 years on a part time staff training schedule. A Tech TIP would pick up at whereever the Scnist had progressed to on The Bridge (more later) and continue from there.

At SFO I never finished a Full Post Hat.

After completing SSII I was posted as the Advanced Scheduling Registrar [ASR] and began that training cycle. The ASR's job is to contact people who have paid (in full or in part) for services and get them fully paid up, signed up to receive that service on a specific date and then actually into the org on that date to receive said service.

Frankly, I never did figure out how to do that.

Nor did I figure out how to eat on roughly $15 a week, in S. F. while living on a couch in Berkeley and having to cross the bay, not a cheap event, twice a day.

At the end of this three month period of continual present time problems [PTPs] the Staff Enhancement Officer noticed I was lookin' kinda funky.

He routed me out [every body in an org moves on a routing form, from terminal to terminal (a terminal in Scn is a person, a hat), "routing on" as mentioned a ways above it the action of moving from terminal to terminal through the org to begin some service or action, similarly "routing out" is the action of routing through at the completion of a service, the completion of a staff contract, or as in my case, taking a Leave of Absence [LOA]].

I was to go out and make some money and come back, quick.


From that 3 month stint on staff I returned home to K Falls briefly.

Jim Keith and I put out another mag, this time a tabloid newspaper called Skyline: Klamath Falls. We did this for 3 months (six issues) but it never did all that well financially, and besides, I had become a "true believer."

I was thinking that the only really important thing to be doing in this life was to "help Ron Clear the planet," so when it looked like Skyline wasn't going to make me enough money to get back to S. F. I joined staff at a SO org.


At SFO I learned of the Sea Org, but it was underground knowledge! The executives [execs] ("executive" in Scn specifically refers to the positions of department head and above) of SFO Day were, for some reason, terrified of the SO and did not what the staff to know anything about it.

All I knew about the SO was that you signed a Billion Year Contract and that it was kinda like the Navy and totally handled all your staff PTPs by giving you free housing, free food, and pocket money.

Over-all Scn organization is a Byzantine labyrinth of semi-autonomous orgs, in several vertical hierarchies.

At the bottom, or local level is a "mission" [msn]. Msns are authorized to perform introductory training only, though they can offer auditing up to the level of Clear. The Mission Network is coordinated by Scientology Missions International [SMI].

For a wonderful look at what sorts of intro courses you can get, see the Scn book The Volunteer Minister's Handbook [VMH]. It is a oversized hardbound book with the complete crs materials for about two dozen intro courses. There is some really wonderful and useful data here. Pick it up used, new from Scn it would cost you approx. $100!

Above the mission level is the regional "Class V Org' [Cl. V org], or "Local Church," of which SFO was one. They can perform intro and intermediary services up to training to the level of a Cl. V auditor and processing or auditing up to Clear.

(If a person goes Clear on Dn or Scn auditing, they can do an action to "stabilize and validate" the state. Currently it is called the Clear Certainty Rundown [CCRD] (a Rundown [RD or R/D] in Scn is a specific series of auditing steps that lead to a stated spiritual result or "end phenomena"). It used to be The Dianetic Clear Special Intensive [DCSI]. After attesting to having completed it (to "attest" is to formally state to an "examiner" in the Qualifications Division [Qual] that you have achieved the end phenomena of the action (crs or auditing) you were on, accompanied by "an acceptable success story") you may then attest to the State of Clear. At that point one would then do their first "solo" auditing action, something called the Sunshine Rundown. After than one can go straight on to the Advanced Org [AO] for upper level auditing (the OT levels). But if one does not go Clear on auditing at the Local Church level (on New Era Dianetics [NED]) they then have to go to a Saint Hill for a special auditing action called Power Processing and Power Plus. After completing Power they would then go on to the AO)

I am a little out of date, but I think the Cl. V orgs are coordinated by the Continental Liaison Offices [CLOs] now. When I was staff they were only Cl IV orgs and were coordinated by the Flag Operations Liaison Offices [FOLO].

Above the Cl. V orgs are the Sea Org orgs, coordinated by Flag Command Bureaux [FCBs] (I think -- the "command line" keeps changing).

As an example of this changing of Corporate form... Scn is not one single corporation. It is dozens, incorporated in many different states and in dozens of foreign countries. A few years ago the largest single legal corporate entity of Scn was the Church of Scientology of California [C of S of C or CSC]. The CSC controlled all the property and orgs of the SO and in effect was the "Mother Church." Then a chap named Larry Wollershiem sued the CSC.

He won a $60 million judgment against the CSC, but by the time the court battle was over the CSC had divested all its holdings into other C of S corporate entities. When Wollershiem tried to collect the CSC had no banking account and consisted only of 16 cardboard boxes and two little old ladies! More on Wollershiem in just a bit.

Today, the "Mother Church" is The Church of Scientology Western United States, I think.

There is an entire array of "orgs" outside of this, these are special orgs with unique functions: Narconon, a drug rehab program; World Institute of Scientology Enterprises [WISE] which licenses private Scnists to use Dn and Scn technology and trademarks in their businesses and promotional material; IHELP (I forget what the acronym stands for, it licenses individual auditors to practice Dn and Scn in "the field," that is, outside of orgs and missions (more on IHELP below); Applied Scholastics which is set up to get Study Tech used in schools; The Way To Happiness Foundation which exists to push a non-religious Moral Code based on Common Sense found in a little book by Hubbard called The Way To Happiness. I don't know if these orgs are SO or not, but I think they are.

The SO is part monastic order, part para-military. One wears a modified US Navy uniform (no weapons), and lives communally in dormitories or small family cubicles. SO members receive auditing and training to the level of their org for free forever.

(However if you org is not an AO or higher you still have to pay to do you OT Levels, and if you want any of the Flag or Freewinds (more on this in a bit) special actions you have to be Flag or Freewinds crew to get it free, and they ain't cheap even to SO members!).

You also are supposed to receive a benefits package that includes free uniforms, free food, free transportation, pocket money, free medical, etc.

There is no pay, only "benefits," which you almost never get. Pocket money is currently about $20. per week plus bonuses, if any. Usually one receives half or no "pay" most weeks. Free food consisted of years of beans and rice two meals a day (as a punishment for down statistics [stats] (more on stats later)). Free transportation happened only between your org and your berthing area if the two were more than a mile distant. I received only two free uniforms in my nearly six years in the SO. Etc, etc, etc.

Per my W2 forms during the years I spent at ASHO F the second time {see below} I was given, in cash, approximately $900 per year.

For an in-depth and revealing look at the SO read Barefaced Messiah (see mini-review below).

To join the SO one signs a contract to work for the SO for one billion years. That's right, not a typo, one billion years.

The SO is divided into two types of orgs, service orgs which provide upper level training and processing to staff and public, and management orgs which run the Scn orgs and missions, bureaus and networks world wide.

The management orgs are legion and over all corporate structure is intentionally incomprehensible {to receive a free (!) copy of booklet The Command Channels of Scientology write the International Management Public Relations Office, 6331 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 1008, Los Angeles, CA 90028 USA}.

Some examples of this multitude of Management Orgs: The Religious Technology Center [RTC], "owner" of the copyrights, trademarks, and service marks of Scn; the Flag Banking Officer Network [FBO] headed by the Office of the International Finance Dictator; The Watch Dog Committee [WDC] a mysterious group that may be the real secret masters of Scn who oversee the whole mess; and The Commodore’s Messenger Org [CMO], originally SO children, mostly little girls, who ran LRH's errands (LRH was the Commodore of the SO) and who now are apparently really running the show.

The principle SO service orgs are:

The Saint Hill's [SHs], named after Hubbard's home and earliest "Mother Church" at Saint Hill Manor, in East Grinstead, Sussex, England (as well as "Power" auditing, the principle training action at St. Hill is the St. Hill Special Briefing Course [SHSBC or Cl. VI, the Certificate of which is Hubbard Senior Scientologist] which is offered to auditors above the level of Cl. IV, or to anyone if they have achieved the state of Clear or OT. The SHSBC is a monster course that takes years to complete, it is a chronological study of the entire history of the development of Dn and Scn with their full theory and practice and with hundreds of taped lectures of LRH's to listen to);

The Advance Organizations [AOs], (it is to the AO that one comes after Clearing, or after Power, for the OT levels);

The Flag Land Base or just "Flag" is really two major sectors, a crazy quilt of highest level management orgs and a public services org. The public unit, The Flag Service Org is "The Mecca for those who seek Technical perfection" (originally The Flagship Apollo, flagship of the SO, that came to land in Clearwater, Florida in the Fort Harrison Hotel [FH]);

(LRH was last publically connected to an org at Flag. Flag delivers the entire Bridge {see below} and is supposed to be the best because Ron was there);

Additionally, there is the ship The Freewinds (the only ship now in the SO "flotilla," a fleet which once numbered several ships -- The Enchanter, The Bolivar, The Diana, etc.).

About the "Bridge." There is a giant wall size chart {$6.50, or medium size for $5.00, small version for free} in every Scn org called The Bridge, or the Grade Chart. Its full name is "The Hubbard Classification, Gradation, and Awareness Chart of Levels & Certificates." It is called The Bridge in reference to a line at the end of Book One where LRH asks us to "build a better bridge," and across the top in big letters it reads "THE BRIDGE" and under that "To Total Freedom."

It is divided into many vertical and horizontal columns, in three main sections.

The left hand gives the levels of Classification of Auditor training certificates. The right side gives the corresponding levels of "higher levels of consciousness," or as Scn calls them "grades" or "release states" attained at that level. Up the center of the Grade Chart is the ascending scale of Awareness Characteristics supposedly achieved at each level.

The vertical columns read (from left to right) for the "Training side of the Bridge" (giving the actual words for one horizontal bar as an example in brackets { } ): Auditor's Class {Class IV}, Certificate {Hubbard Advanced Auditor}, Course {Scn Academy Level IV}, Pre-requisites {Level III}, Teaches About {Direct Style Auditing--Dealing with Service Facsimiles}, Where Obtained {Academies of Scientology}, End Result {Ability to Audit Service Facsimiles}.

Doing the same for the corresponding level on the "Processing side of the Bridge" we get: PC Grade {Grade IV}, Name of State {Ability Release}, Subject Audited {Abilities}, Pre-requisites {Grade III Release}, Class of Auditor Required {Class IV or Above}, Where Obtained {Scientology Churches}, Ability Gained {Moving Out Of Fixed Conditions and Gaining Ability to Do New Things}.

One of the things I found most interesting about Scn auditing was that every single action from the lowest introductory level, to Clear and OT all had specific "end phenomenon" [EP], a specific state that one would attain (listed on the Grade Chart).

Scn had established a Qualifications Division [Qual, Division 5 or Div 5] whose nearly sole purpose was to verify that each state had been so attained and to issue a certificate proclaiming and validating the fact (Qual's other functions were staff enhancement (training and processing of the crew) and an Internship program).

However, it doesn't seem to work.

Earlier I mentioned Larry Wolsheriem. He was the first person to attest in Flag's Qual of achieving the then highest attainable state in Scn, the completion of the audited portion of an action called New Era Dianetics for OTs [NOTS]. I knew Worshiem from The Manor, he had been a hotel guest and a real pain in the ass. Bad attitude, very haughty and egotistical.

I think it was about a year after attesting to audited NOTS comp (completion) that he sued the Church for wrecking his business, conning him out of his money, and tiring to drive him insane!

The Church insisted that he was a plant. That the Bay Guys, CIA or FBI or some such had planted him in Scn just to disrupt the org and that he had False Attested all the way up the Grade Chart!

Huh? If the E-meter is so sensitive, and Flag is so perfect, how could that happen?

And Wollershiem is not an isolated case. I have heard of hundreds of such "plants." And I have read Suppressive Person [SP] declares (Ethics Orders officially declaring someone to be a "Suppressive Person") on dozens of people who were "caught" false attesting to high OT levels.

And then there is the case of Bill Franks. Franks was at one time the Executive Director International of all of Scn., a post previously held by LRH himself.

In 1981 he was "busted" off the post and expelled from Scn. His declare portrayed him as an egomaniac who had never been interested in Scn, but had been interested only in lining his pockets and aggrandizing his position. All of his Certificates were cancelled as they were certainly "false declares." Huh? This guy spends most of his life in Scn, rises to its highest position and he's a lying, stealing cheat? Undetected by the perfection of Scn?

And not just these stellar personages. Throughout Scn, up and down the org board one runs into loonies, and psychos in key positions, or at least Normal Joes. How can this be? If Scn is supposed to make one a superman, and many of the staff have been in Scn for years, and presumably received much training and counseling, how could they still be emotionally disturbed dolts?

To read about my first "hitch" in the Sea Org, in Los Angeles at ASHO Foundation and The Manor Hotel for Scientologists, go to the next page... http://www.jerryesmith.com/index.php/151


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