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         Firewood crackles

         In iron stoves

         Across the land . . .

         Stubble of harvested fields . . .

         Late birds huddle in barren trees

         Too cold to sing . . .



         Gaiety fills the air --

         Beings sing with human voices,

         Singing praise and joy

         Of the cycle's completion

         And new beginning.

         Carols rise in starlight . . .

         Houses brim with laughter . . .

         Companionship and brotherhood


         The silence of the night

         Is wrapt in friendship.

         Love of kind

         Fills the stockings hung . . .

         Child faces beam brighter

         Than the light and trinket

         Draped tree . . .

         The family is united

         Mother, Father, Children

         And relations

         Exchanging admiration.


         Do you remember . . .

         A time not so long ago

         (As immortals measure time)

         When we danced through

         The village

         Celebrating the glad tidings

         That the sun had stayed

         His southward journey

         And would bring us warmth

         Yet another year?


         Do you remember . . .

         The funny gods

         We mad eto sing our joy

         And praises to?


         Don't let your voice be stilled --

         Sing again!

         Sing to the infinite

         For all our wonderous creation

         And salvation . . .

         Sing to the spirits

         And to life to come . . .

         And new universes to be . . .

         Take my hand

         And join this ring

         Dance with us . . .


         And sing!


                                       24 Oct. 77


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