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( ► indicates Jerry appeared on the program two or more times)

Some of these shows offer VHS tapes and/or DVDs of these appearances.


Biblically Incorrect, hosted by JoAnne Bailey (cable access)►

, UK TV documentary series with host Danny Wallace, on SkyOne Satellite. The episode was entitled "9/11 and the Evil in America." It is now posted to several sites including:


Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura
Jerry E. Smith appeared on the Premiere episode to invite former governor Ventura to investigate HAARP. First aired on Wednesday, December 2 at 10 PM on TruTV (formerly CourtTV). It was produced by A. Smith & Co. Properties, 9911 West Pico Blvd. Suite 250, Los Angeles, CA 90035. Phone: (310) 432-4800; Fax: (310) 551-3085; Email: info@asmithco.com
Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura puts Jesse Ventura on the road with investigative producers June Sarpong and Alex Piper and Michael Braverman. They're on a mission to examine possible conspiracies surrounding secret societies; global warming; alleged 9/11 cover-ups; a research center in Alaska, HAARP, that could be a secret government weapon; and apocalyptic prophecies, to name a few. They talk to experts, eyewitnesses and examine available evidence.

Daylight, hosted by Day Williams, Esq. (cable access)

Encounters with the Unexplained, hosted by Jerry Orbach, on the PAX TV Network, produced by the Total Living Network and Grizzly Adams Productions.
Weather Control: Is Someone Altering the World's Weather?
"Two hundred miles east of Anchorage, Alaska, a phased array transmitter stands ready to beam more than 3 billion watts of energy into the ionosphere. What is it? Why is this modern-day antennae farm located in this desolate spot? Is it a marvel of technology capable of changing and controlling weather patterns worldwide? Or does it have far more sinister applications? Some experts claim it is a mechanism for conducting mind control experiments over whole populations. Others see the finished product as the ultimate "Death Ray." Why is the hole in the Ozone layer expanding in the atmospheric region irradiated by this transmitter? What is really going on in this frozen landscape at the edge of the Arctic? The answers may shock you." The program made extensive use of clips from the documentary film HOLES IN HEAVEN? and included interviews with Dr. Bernard Eastlund, Jerry E. Smith and journalist Bill Brumbaugh of the Proactive News Hour.

Nazi UFO Conspiracy, a production of Flashback Television Ltd. http://www.flashbacktelevision.com 
In continuous production since 1982 Flashback Television is one of the UK's leading factual independent production companies. They produce a wide range of documentary, factual entertainment and drama programming for broadcasters in the UK, the US and worldwide. This one hour show featuring an interview with Jerry E. Smith was billed as "A credible investigation of possible connections between UFO sightings in the past half century and secret flying saucer technologies developed by the Nazis in WW2." It first aired in the US on The Discovery Channel on Nov 03, 2008 at 10:00 pm and has repeated several times since.

Out There TV, Hosted by Kate and Richard, airing on the AMERICA ONE Network In The U.S., on BEN Sky-Digital 184 throughout the Uk & Europe, and worldwide on the web at TYRO TV

RAWC Presents! Hosted by Lisa Stiller (cable access)


Rebels & Whistleblowers, on the Broadband Learning Channel (Internet video channel), interviewed by Regina Meredith


Relics of the Passion, episode two of Decoding The Past, a documentary by Actuality Productions that aired on the History Channel

That's Impossible
Episode: Weather Warfare
The History Channel
The power to use tornados, hurricanes and the deadliest weather as weapons of war may now be possible. We'll investigate reports that weather weapons are in development and reveal the technology that--in the future--could turn hurricanes, earthquakes, even tsunamis into some of the most powerful and plausibly deniable weapons of mass destruction the world has ever seen.

That's Impossible
Episode: Eternal Life
The History Channel
Is it possible to achieve eternal life? Some believe the first children who will live to the age of 1,000 have already been born. To find out how close humanity is to defeating death, we'll investigate plans to grow replacement body parts in labs, microscopic robots that could wipe out deadly diseases, and the possibility that aging itself can be reversed by taking a page out of one of history's darkest legends.

Both episodes have air repeatedly since the fall of 2009.

The Patriot View, hosted by William B. Stoecker (cable access)

The UFO Connection, hosted by Cynthia Siegel (cable access)

UFOs And Metaphysics, hosted by Malcolm Hathorne (cable access)

Unscrewed, with Martin Sargent, on the TECH TV Network


With Liberty & Justice for All, hosted by Dennis Grover (cable access)


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