Jerry E. Smith

The UFO Conspiracy

The UFO Conspiracy

By Jerry E. Smith (writing as Jim Keith)



A "UFO" is an Unidentified Flying Object: a light, structure or phenomenon seen in the air that the observer is unable to identify -- and just that. A "flying saucer" is merely one of dozens (if not scores) of possible explanations for what an unidentified flying object might have been: in this case a "saucer" is generally regarded as being a physical universe ("real" or "nuts and bolts") craft of some sort (traversing space, time, or dimensions) piloted by living intelligences (human or alien).


There are three basic theories as to the origin of UFOs: terrestrial, extra-terrestrial, and "other." The extra-terrestrial theory of nuts and bolts space ships, the classic "flying saucers," piloted by aliens with from somewhere out there, is the most commonly known, and about the only one that gets "air play" in the media. Yet that explanation is hardly the only one. Many serious researchers and scientists have bitterly complained that this preoccupation with little green men from Mars (and statuesque women from Venus?) has prevented serious research into the actual causes of the many baffling varieties of UFO manifestations. Indeed, the indiscriminate use of the term "flying saucer" has probably done more to prevent us from understanding this mystery than all the actions of all the government stooges, hoaxers, and debunkers combined, for it has given us tunnel vision into a worldview that presupposes that we already know what they are, limiting our field of inquiry to those narrow confines as a result.


Breaking far from those prejudices some researchers have explored amazing possibilities: extra-dimensional, extra-temporal, metaphysical and spiritual. UFOs might not be coming from a place as we understand places, nor be the product of beings, as we understand beings. UFOs might be the wake-up call that our definition of "reality" is too limited, too narrow to include all that truly is. Unfortunately, I do not have the space here to explore the field of "other" -- perhaps next time.


The terrestrial theory of UFOs is that the phenomenon is entirely of earthly origin. Some of these theories involve flying saucers, some don’t. The numerous variations on this line of speculation form a wildly spinning kaleidoscope of possibilities, reflecting human imagination at its most fertile... real and not-real blend and mesh, divide and dance in this interweaving of hypotheses... Since the forties we have heard of "swamp gas" and "weather balloons" -- few in the UFO field buy such lame pronouncements from government mouth-pieces, yet some good (and some not-so-good) research has shown that some aspects of the UFO phenomena could well be the result of little understood natural forces and occurrences.


Some researchers, however, while dismissing the idea of extra-terrestrial origin, do believe that UFOs are physical craft. They, as could be expected, are widely divided on who, what, and where the saucers come from. Some say that they are human-made aircraft of modern industrial origin (be they suppressed technology in quasi-private hands, or advanced military, or reconstructed Nazi plans as we shall examine later). Others, while granting that the saucers are nuts-and-bolts real, claim far different origins. Some say these craft come from the inner-earth (underground survivors of earth’s past, or dwellers in the hollow earth), that they are aircraft piloted by Atlanteans or Lumurians or leftovers from ancient India’s Rama Culture; some of these writers say these survivors are humans, others say that while their seed is from this earth, they are in all other ways alien to us --some have even suggested that they are the upright-walking descendants of the dinosaurs!


An entirely different sect of proponents of the terrestrial theory suggest that the UFOs, and particularly the stories of alien abductions, are cleverly staged mind control experiments engaged in by over-zealous intelligence operatives; others, perhaps with a more paranoid right-wing bias, believe UFOs, both encounters and the ensuing disinformation, come from minions of a conspiracy with plans to convert all humanity to their globalist agenda ¨¢ a viewpoint I am paradoxically reluctantly, yet strongly persuaded toward.


There is no question in my mind that there is a "conspiracy" at the top running things, or at least attempting to run them. As to the nature of the conspiracy ... that is another question. I had always assumed that it was big money rubbing shoulders and making secret deals in such well-documented cabals as the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission -- but lately I haven’t been so sure. After over a decade of research into the origin and development of the occult and secret societies, I’ve begun to take seriously the thought that there really might be a hidden, centuries-old agenda among the so-called Illuminati (an inner-circle of conspirators who have plotted to take control of Europe and the world since the founding of a Masonic offshoot, The Ancient and Illuminated Seers of Bavaria, in 1776). No, I haven’t completely bought into the Lear-Cooper-Hamilton-English-Lazar-et al scenarios of the early 1990s that the "boys" behind this age-old conspiracy really run things from outer space, or even the inner earth, but I’m no longer dismissing it out of hand, either.


Whether conspiracy or consensus, there is a movement rooted in the left-wing intelligentsia of the U.S. and Europe, to converge East and West into a single integrated system of world governance and economy. The United Nations was founded with the intention of preventing war by having the member nations surrender their arms to the UN. Since then several global problems -- over-population and starvation, endangered species and threatened environment, etc., etc. -- have been used by the globalists as reasons to press for greater integration of nations under a single planetary authority -- perhaps ultimately leading to something akin to Star Trek’s "United Federation of Planets." The right-wing of course sees this voluntary surrender of United States’ sovereignty to the dictates of a world government as treason -- and the threat of a possible take-over and dissolution of the US by a beefed-up UN as not only possible, but very likely if patriots fail to come forward.


"New World Order" is a very old slogan for this convergence -- it is part of the Great Seal of the United State of America! There it appears in a scroll beneath the Masonic symbols of the unfinished pyramid with the all-seeing-eye above it. In Latin it reads: "Novus [new] Ordo [order] Seclorum [the secular world]," which you’ll find on any dollar bill. President George Bush knew the connotations of the term "New World Order" when he used it repeatedly before and during the Gulf War. As a 33rd degree Mason and a member of Skull and Bones and the CIA and God know what other groups of kameraden, how could he not? He would also be aware that using that phrase would be calculated to set every right-wing conspiratologist in the country spinning -- which it did. The question was: what was he getting at? Was it a phrase used as a code to alert other members of the Masons or other in-group, of something, or of some culmination or mobilization or battle plan?


Right about the same time that Bush uttered that phrase, I noticed that CBS started using an abstract geometrical station ID that metamorphosed from an Eye in a Triangle and, perhaps, with the turning of the pyramidal forms, coalesced into an inverted five pointed star. Soon after I, and many others, noticed it, they replaced it with an immobile version that does not call up the same connotations. Perhaps a coincidence, but I’m certain that the bigwigs at CBS were quite aware of those symbolisms, too.


Jerry Smith, Executive Director of the ill-fated National UFO Museum, made the statement to me, "the United States is a Masonic conspiracy," and that seems like a succinct statement of something that is pretty obvious, yet admitted by few. Many of the founders of the United States were Masons and occultists, and the dollar bill, with both faces of the Great Seal and a portrait of George Washington, a proud Mason, looks like one of those hodge-podge Masonic aprons that you see him depicted wearing in Masonic literature; it is crawling with Masonic symbols, slogans and numerology.


When you think about various other fairly recent innovations like the UPC code and Electronic Fund Transfer, the United States of Europe, and the laser tattooing handscan tested on 3000 recruits at Fort Benjamin, it’s not hard to start thinking in paranoid lines.


Now, here’s where a clear-cut connection to UFOlogy emerges. Many, if not most, students of the phenomenon of UFOs have long suspected that there might be a terrestrial origin to the saucers. Conspiratologist John Judge, in his taped lecture "Unidentified Fascist Observatories" makes a strong case for the saucers being a hidden and higher echelon of government research project, utilizing the secrets of disk craft that we inherited from the Nazis at the end of World War II. The time-line certainly fits.


Another possibility is that saucers are a "suppressed technology," reminiscent of the stories one hears of 175 miles-to-the-gallon carburetors, engines that run on water, light bulbs that last forever, Tesla’s secret plans, etc., being bought off or shot off by agents of the government or big business to protect the investment and profits in internal combustion engines and an oil-based world economy. I wouldn’t doubt it. There is no doubt in my mind that at the more rarefied strata of control and the more concentrated levels of dough that the welfare of every man is strictly a tertiary consideration. "Evidence" to support this is, of course, nearly impossible to locate (or live through the attempt) and yet...


Futurists, like Robert Anton Wilson and Alvin Toffler, point out that there has been a geometrical progression of the doubling of the knowledge of Mankind in shorter and shorter periods of time. Currently by projections, we should be doubling the total knowledge of the human race every nine years or so... So where is the technology that should be coming out of this? Look around, nothing much has changed in oil-based technology (airplanes, automobiles, etc.) since the late fifties or early sixties. Or, as Claude Steiner put it: "The future sure ain’t what it used to be."


Throwing in the other shoe, some researchers reject the physicality of UFOs entirely. Jacques Vallee, in Messengers of Deception suggests that he does not believe that abductees have actually been taken aboard technological craft. He says, "It is more likely that they have taken a non-physical trip, controlled and guided by a system that acts on human consciousness (the Soviets use the term ’psychotronic’ to designate such devices), rather than one that is purely physical. The symbols it uses are engineered to have certain effects." The possibility of this has been demonstrated in the laboratory. Dr. Michael Persinger of Laurentian University, Ontario, Canada, built a device to test his hypothesis that electromagnetic waves could create UFO experiences and other paranormal perceptions. The Persinger "helmet" as his device has been dubbed, sends specific frequencies into the hippocampus area of the back brain. A startlingly large percentage of subjects reported full-blown UFO abduction experiences, as well as a wide range of altered states of consciousness, including "out of body experiences" and "union with god."


John Keel has reported that during the flurry of UFO reports in West Virginia in 1967 there were also reports of unidentified trucks and vans moving around on back roads. If there was ’psychotronic’ tomfoolery going on, then this might have been the way that it would have been done. Considering the rampant excesses of the CIA, tossing LSD and disinformation at everything that moved during the infamous mind control MK-ULTRA phase, it is not in the least difficult to believe that they would have been capable of this kind of populace manipulation.


Grant that it is possible that there is a level of technology, or at least technological experimentation, that our government isn’t telling us about -- and perhaps doesn’t know about -- it would seem likely that the control of this hypothetical technology would reside at the top, where the money is.


While I don’t really expect to see the Beast 666 tromping like Godzilla down Madison Avenue (maybe I should), there is a gradual evolution to "One World" themes going on all over the planet, and a worldwide technological control and meshing that is very sinister... even divorced from any occult or ’otherworldly’ significance, even if it isn’t ordained from On High by a World Controller, or On Higher by the Ashtar Command.


Jacques Vallee also says, "I believe there is a very real UFO problem. I have also come to believe that it is being manipulated for political ends. And the data suggest that the manipulators may be human beings with a plan of social control." Over the years numerous writers, and even President Reagan, speculated that if there were a alien invasion of earth it would drive the world’s governments into cooperation to meet the attack -- as recently seen in the smash hit movie "Independence Day." Of course, some writers, like Jerry Smith in his article "Star Trek: Sci-fi or Psy-war" for another publication, have speculated that movies and shows like ID4 and Star Trek might be more than mere entertainment, but may actually be intended to soften the public up for some future announcement of impending alien attack with the intent of herding a frightened public into accepting a globalist New World Order.


Who knows? Maybe the U.S. is, at the top, an occult conspiracy after all, and maybe Bush did fire a starter’s gun of sorts for its next evolutionary transformation with his talk of the New World Order --a globalist "call to arms" that has been continued with President Clinton’s and Hillary’s "global village" approach to child (and nation) rearing. Whatever the case, the logic is inescapable. If the saucers, even some of them, do have a terrestrial origin, then there is a good chance that they are owned by the occult/political group that some have called the Illuminati.