Jerry E. Smith



By Jerry E. Smith



Tanks in a tasteful urban setting; greening themselves under the trees in the park, taking a stroll down the avenue to the shopping mall... Are tanks acceptable decor for a city? How long will it be before our government drives its tanks into your neighborhood?


Impossible in America? Every day there are more soldiers brought in to fight the War on Drugs, the War on Crime, the War on Terrorism ... All in an seeming War on Liberty. Today’s Peace Force is multinational and multijurisdictional. Russians write traffic citations in Los Angeles. Gun confiscations have become common in "The Projects." The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has received military attack aircraft. The Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network monitors hundreds of private, corporate and government computer data bases. At home and abroad programs with names like Carnivore, Echelon and Dirt read your email. Do not forget, Big Brother invented, and continues to operate, the Internet.   


As this "war" hysteria mounts, cities are turning ever more into battle zones. DUI road blocks are a way of life across America today. Already there are concrete barricades and heavily armed identity/residence check-points reminiscent of walled Berlin’s "Check Point Charley" in several American cities. They started with gang areas in L. A. and Chicago --how long will it take for them to reach your block? Legislation authorizing a national I.D. card was passed in the 104th Congress, it only awaits implementation. Soon, men swore to "protect and to serve" will be asking: "your papers, please..." Remind me again, who won World War II?


"They" will do it where you live, for your own good. Homeland Security... safety... protect the innocent, save the children... Waco was done to save the children. One of Hitler’s most successful campaign slogans was: "German mothers, think of your children!" Do you need and/or want Janet or Adolph to "protect" your child? Do you need them to protect you? To protect the Fatherland?


Is whose hands are guns safer, yours or "theirs?" The citizenry was disarmed in Communist Russia and NAZI Germany, consider how safe it made them. The same frantic, hysterical push to disarm citizens is happening in America and Australia today. Right this minute on every continent of this globe liberty is being bartered away for security. Would Americans really rather be safe than free? Unless you act, armed men will soon patrol your street while you remain inside under a dusk to dawn curfew. You will be Safe. Safe, and terrified.


How long will it be before tanks take up positions, keeping lonely vigils on street corners near you, taking their place as part of the social safety-net? Have you hugged your tank today?