Jerry E. Smith




Snapped at the First Annual Convention of the
American Media Association

in Reno, Nevada, in 2000



Educational History

Jerry E. Smith




1/89                  CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION

Eastern/Continental Training School, Houston, Texas.

Completed a one-week advance training course on Eastern Air Lines’ computer reservations system: System One Direct Access (SODA)


11/82                CERTIFICATE OF ORDINATION

Hubbard Academy of Scientology, Los Angeles, California.

Completed a two-year study of Scientology™, world religions, philosophy and ethics. Ordained at THE (NEW) AMERICAN SAINT HILL ORGANIZATION FOUNDATION on October 31, 1982. Additionally, received scores of CERTIFICATES OF COMPLETION for administrative and technical courses taken in the staff training college. These Certificates would equal a few semesters of college in an MBA program.


11/69 to 4/71

Attended Sawyer School of Business in Pomona, California, taking computer-programming courses.  Completed courses on Basic Computer Programming Principles, COBAL, FORTRAN, RPG and other languages, but did not stick with the program to certification.


6/12/69             HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA

Pomona High School, 475 Bangor Street, Pomona, California 91767 (909) 397-4498

Graduated a half-year late due to excessive involvement in extra-curricular activities, particularly in science fiction “fandom” (engaging in amateur publishing, and attending conventions and club meetings). I completed in November 1968, but wasn’t given the Diploma until the following June. (Diploma on file)



Parks and Recreation Department, City of Montclair, California.

Completed an eight-week “Clean and Green” course on yard, lawn and garden clean-up and maintenance.




(all public, except as noted)


Ganesha High School, 1151 Fairplex Dr., Pomona, CA 91768 (909) 397-4404; attended: 09/66 – 06/67 (eleventh grade)

Montclair High School, 4725 Benito Street, Montclair, CA 91763 (909) 621-6781; attended: 02/64 – 06/66 (ninth grade, second semester and tenth grade)

Rubidoux High School, Rubidoux, CA; attended: 09/63 – 01/64 (ninth grade, first semester)

Jurupa Junior High School, Pedley, CA; attended: 09/61 – 06/63 (seventh and eighth grades)

Rustic Lane School, Rubidoux, CA; attended: 09/59 – 06/61 (fourth, fifth and sixth grades)

[private school, name forgotten], Riverside, CA; attended: 09/58 – 06/59 (third grade)

Rustic Lane School, Rubidoux, CA; attended: 09/57 – 06/58 (second grade)

Ina Arbuckle School, Rubidoux, CA; attended: 09/56 – 06/57 (first grade)

Arlington School, Arlington, CA; attended: 09/55 – 06/56 (kindergarten)