Jerry E. Smith

Letters of Recomendation


Jerry E. Smith relaxing in Wales after speaking at Beyong Knowledge, Liverpool, United Kingdom in 2008. Snapped by David Hatcher Childress.

To Whom It May Concern:

I was the organiser of the 2008 Beyond Knowledge Conference in Liverpool, England. The Conference was widely held to have been a great success. This was owing, in no little part, to Jerry E. Smith's contribution as a speaker and as a member of the team of people who came together to make things happen over that weekend.

Jerry's talk on Weather Warfare informed, engaged and challenged the audience. He has the ability to present sometimes complex technical and scientific information in a way that is both relevant and intellectually stimulating to a diverse public. Moreover, his consummate presentational skills are underpinned by the most thorough research and intellectual rigour. I was not alone, at the end of Jerry's presentation, in feeling that my perspectives had been widened and that my understanding had been deepened. At the same time, as is often the case with the best speakers, I had been both entertained and amused. The rousing applause given by the Beyond Knowledge audience at the end of his talk bears witness to the fact that I was not alone in my sense of appreciation and enjoyment.

I do not know what subject Jerry will research next. However, I do know that I would be more than happy for Jerry to speak at any future Beyond Knowledge event. Those wishing to contact me as a referee for Jerry E. Smith can do so by using the information given below.


Dave Truman

Organiser, Beyond Knowledge Conference, Liverpool, 2008
Proprietor, Urban Myths Books and Resources, PO Box 1257, Liverpool, L69 1AJ, England
Telephone: (0044)-151-708-9859

Jerry E. Smith invites visitors to the United Kindgom to drop into Urban Myths!

Urban Myths is a book shop in the heart of Liverpool, in the Grand Central Building, that specializes in selling alternative books and fair-trade crafts. It caters to people who want something other than mainstream and corporately owned information and products. It is well stocked with books from Adventures Unlimited Press including all of Jerry E. Smith's!


Jerry E. Smith with fellow speaker Michael Tsarion at Conspiracy Con.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am the producer of an annual conference dedicated to exposing real conspiracies and real hidden agendas. Recently, I had the opportunity and privilege to work with Jerry E. Smith. Jerry spoke at my 2003 conference with eloquence and poise on H.A.A.R.P., which is both the subject of his well-researched book and the concern of many citizens and environmental activists.

Furthermore, Jerry availed himself to me at a moment’s call since one of my confirmed speakers canceled at the last minute due to illness and I am very grateful to him. I was aware of Jerry’s research and I knew that I would invite him sometime in the future. So, I was quite pleased to see my audience garner valuable information from his presentation much earlier than I had planned.

One of the great benefits of organizing a fascinating event such as mine is getting to personally know the speakers and presenters. It was to my utter pleasure and delight to discover that Jerry not only possesses vast knowledge on his immediate subject, as well as others, but that he boasts a terrific sense of humor with a large battery of very funny anecdotes, as well as an uncanny ability to improvise in a witty manner.

With these distinguished qualities, I would personally be honored and pleased to work with Jerry again in the future, which is what I truly hope to do. I would, therefore, encourage anyone in the media or event organization to include Jerry E. Smith in any endeavor that would benefit from his experience, professionalism and wit.

Anyone wishing to reach me as a reference for Jerry may use my contact information below.

Most sincerely,


Brian William Hall©, Authorized Representative and Corporation Sole
Executive Producer
Conspiracy Con
Ph/Fax: (209) 832-0999