Jerry E. Smith

Past Radio Interviews Pt. 2


( ► indicates Jerry E. Smith appeared on the program two or more times)

Some of these appearances are archived on the show's website or on websites of the radio station or broadcasting network.

The #1 Enemy of the State, Sab Cupelli

The Abecedarian Show
with Geraldine Ahrens

The Allan Handelman Show

The American Activist With Don Harkins and Ingri Cassel

The American Sovereign, hosted by Brent Johnson

The Big Finale
, hosted by Bruce Collins

The Bill Boshears Show

The Bill of Rights Hour hosted by Jesse Herron & Linda Heuer

The Bill Waggoner Radio Show, with John Penn

The Bonnie Valentine Show

The Bud Man & Booger Show

The Byte Show with GeorgeAnn Hughes

The Chuck Morse Show

The Concord Hour, hosted by Maggie Rose

The Cosmic Connection, hosted by Bob Tallard and Kenny Lloyd

The Dan Bross Show

The Drive with Derek Gilbert

The Edge Radio Broadcast with Daniel Ott

The Experience, Steve Hartman, Producer/Host

The Free American Radio Show, hosted by Clayton Douglas

The George Khoury Show

The Healing of Agape.... Changing the World with Eva Herr

The Higher Dimension, hosted by Phyllis Pricer

The Hilly Rose Show

The Information Corner, with Sam and Trish Britton

The Intent To Charm Show, hosted by Daniel Bryant

The International UFO Institute Show, Co-hosted by Col. Ripster and Vin Smith

The Investigative Journal, Hosted by Greg Szymanski

The J. R. Reynolds Show

The Ken Hudnall Show

The Kitchen Militia, hosted by Nancy Koernke and Emma Shlarp

The Kurt Billings Show

The Laura Lee Show

The Laura Moon Show, Hosted by Laura Placeres and Sandy Jorgensen ►

The Lee Klein Show

The Light of Day Radio Show, hosted by Sheldon E. Day

The Lou Epton Show

The Lou Gentile Show

The Louie Free Show

The Mark Scott Show

The Meria Heller Show

The Messenger, hosted by Carolyn Evers

The Midnight Rider Radio Show with Host Mike Chambers


The Mike Haga Show


The Mike Shinabery Show

The Morning Liberty Show, with Host R. J. Hender


The Nationalist Times News Hour, hosted by Don Wassal


The New World Order Disorder, with Gianni DeVincent Hayes, Ph.D

The NexusDomain Paranormal Radio Show, hosted by Kurt Billings

The Night Before with Nick Margerrison

The Nightside with Richard Syrett

The NutriMedical Report with Dr. Wm. R. Deagle MD, ABFP, AAPM, SSPM, ACOEM, CIME, ACO ►

The Other Side, with Hosts Denver Robbins and Lauren T. Hart

The Paranet Continuum, with Mike Corbin

The Paranormal Cafe, Hosted by Robert Simcox

The Paranomalists, Hosted by Ash Hamilton

The People Speak Radio, Hosted by Charles Giuliani

The Prophecy Chronicles, with Paul Price

The Power Hour, hosted by Joyce Riley and David VonKleist

The Proactive News Radio Show, hosted by Bill Brumbaugh

The Reclaiming America Now Radio Show, hosted by Michael Irving ►

The Richard Syrett Show

The Rob Simone Talk Show

The Robby Noel Show

The Roger Fredinberg Show

The Rollye James Show

The Rusty Humphries Show

The Sandy Sandberg Show

The Science Detective
, Hosted by Richard Heene

The Tazz and Paula Show, with Tazz Powers and Paula Nunes

The Thom Hartmann Radio Program

The Truth Files with Slick Rick

The Victor Thorn Show

The Voice of Freedom, hosted by Brent Johnson

The 'X' Zone, with Rob McConnell ►

The Zoe Show, with Zoe Heronomus

Through the Keyhole, Hosted by Karyn Dolan

TruNews, hosted by Rick Wiles

TruthBrigade Radio, with Host Christie Czajkowski
Monday, September 28, 7 PM

Truth Hertz, Hosted by Charles Giuliani

Truth Jihad Radio, with Host Dr. Kevin Barrett

Truth Quest with Melodee Hallett, Katie O'Brien and Professor Eric Karlstrom

UFO Undercover, Hosted by Joe Montaldo

UFOs And Metaphysics
, hosted by Malcolm Hathorne

Untamed Dimensions, hosted by Adam Gorightly

V E R I T A S Radio, hosted by Harvey Wharfield and Stephen Gaudet

Vin Smith's Midnight Bookworm

Virato Live! Hosted by Virato

Vortex Network News, hosted by Aurora Light and Michael Ellegion

Wake Up USA, Hosted by Kenny Kay

What They Don't Want You To Know, hosted by Brian Ching

Whispers From the Heart Radio, with host Ericka Boussarhane

Who Wants To Become A Billionaire? hosted by Renegade Ray

WING TV, hosted by Victor Thorn & Lisa Guliani

World of the Unexplained, hosted by J. Scott and Trent Lackey

WPARanormal Paranormal Talk Radio, with Rev. Robert DuShane and Nicole Bray ►