Jerry E. Smith

Past Radio Interviews Pt. 1


( ► indicates Jerry E. Smith appeared on the program two or more times)

Some of these appearances are archived on the show's website or on websites of the radio station or broadcasting network.

A Closer Look with Michael Corbin

Acres of Diamonds, with Dave Warren

After Midnite with Rick Barber

Alabama ParaSpiritual Research Radio, hosted by Dr. Jimmy and Heather Lowery ►

Altered States Para Radio, with Tom Durant and Dave Harvey

Amerikan Exposé, hosted by Chris Gerner ►

AntiShyster News Magazine Internet Radio Show with Al Adask

ATS Mix, Hosted by Dave Rabbit

Audio Martini, Hosted by Rick Wood ►

Believe it or Not, with Kate Turkington ► 

Beyond Ghosts, with Hosts John Crocitto and Ryan Willard and Marty

Beyond The Edge Radio, with Hosts Eric Altman and James Baker sitting in for Sean Forker

Beyond the Veil, Hosted by Mark Wislicenus & Roland Croteau

binnall of america : audio, hosted by Tim Binnall ►

BUFO Paranormal and UFO Radio, hosted by Mary Sutherland ►

By Yahweh's Design, hosted by Pastor Dan ►

Can You Handle The Truth? Hosted by Craig McElvany and Fernando Arteaga

Cattel's Stardate 2100 Show

Changing The Way We See The World with Dr. Nick Begich

Coast to Coast AM, with George Noory

Coincidence or Conspiracy
, hosted by Bob Tallard ►

Cosmic Horizons, hosted by James Haarp ►

Creative Cosmos, hosted by Christopher Moors

Cut to the Chase with Marshall Masters

Darkness On the Edge of Town, Hosted by Dave Schrader ►

Deadline Live, with Jack Blood ►

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock

DNA LIVE, with Dennis & Ann Bossack

DreamLand, with Whitley Strieber, Jim Marrs & William Henry ►

EERIE Radio, with Hosts Seth Hale, ben Teague & Rob Beck

Erskine Overnight, with Erskine Payton ►

Eye on the Future Radio, hosted by Hehpsehboah ►

Feet to the Fire, with James Arthur Jancik ►

For the People with Chuck Harder

Frankly Speaking Radio, with Frank Whalen ►

Freedom 21 Santa Cruz Radio Show hosted by Michael Shaw

Freedom Forum, hosted by Karen Mixer and Alex Holidiloff

From The Grassy Knoll with Vyzygoth ►

Full Moon Radio Hosted by Laura Placeres

Ghost Chronicles, co-hosted by Ron Kolek, Snr.

Ghost Talk, with Host George "Nitebear" Solhan

Ghostly Talk

Gia Scott's Dawn of Shades

Govern America with Darren Weeks ►

Ground Zero, hosted by Clyde Lewis ►

Guardians of the Holy Grail, Hosted by Mark Amaru Pinkham


Haunted Times Magazine Radio, with Host Dina Aweida Everling

In Focus Paranormal Talk Radio, with Nick Roesler

Intel Strike Report, Hosted by Michael Vail ►

Jeff Rense Program

Jerry Pippin

Jim Breuer Unleashed


Journeys with Rebecca Radio Show

Just Energy Radio, with Dr. Rita Louise

Judgment Day Perspectives hosted by Pastor Eli James ►

Kevin Smith Show

Kspaz Radio, with Richard Spasoff

Let's Get Real with Reuben Torres

Lighting the Fires of Liberty, Hosted by Michael Badnarik ►

Lights On with Nancy Lee ►

Los Desvelados, hosted by Victor Camacho

Lunch or Tea With Robin Z, hosted by Robin Zodiac

Magick Mind Paranormal Talk Radio, hosted by Dr. Ed Craft ►

Mark Dankof's America, with Mark Dankof ►

Mind Control USA Internet radio show, hosted by John Mecca

Monday Brown Bagger, hosted by Don Nordin and Alfred Webre ►

Mysteries of the Mind, hosted by Alex Merklinger

Mystery Tour - Investigating the Unexplained, with Kim Guarnaccia and Tim Swartz

New Age Radio with Dan McFarland

Newspaper on the Air, hosted by Gary Trexler, Ph.D. and Jan Blum

Night Ride, Hosted by Sarah Simmons

NiteBeat, hosted by Shantz ►

No Boundaries, with Charles Barone

Nocturnal Frequency Radio, hosted by Steve Genier

Now THAT'S Weird, with Ross Hemsworth

On The Brink, with Mike Haga

One If By Land, with Janet Phelan

Other World Radio, with host Sandra D. Sabatini and Rick Smith

Oopa Loopa Cafe, Hosted by Rick Osmon

Opening Your Intuitive Eyes, hosted by Sherri Lee Devereau ►

Operation WakeUp, with Charlotte "Littlefield" Brown

Outside The Box, Hosted by Alex Ansary ►

Overnight, with Shaun David Morton

Paranormal Radio with Captain Jack

Paranormal Insight Radio, Hosted by Ladean & Melissa

Paranormal Palace Radio, Hosted by Royce Holleman

Paranormal Podcast & Jim Harold's Campfire, with Host Jim Harold

Patriot News Hour, with Robby Noel ►

Peace Meditations and Talk, with Host Kimberli Ridgeway

Peaceful Planet, Hosted by Marcia McMahon ►

Peering Into Darkness, Hosted by Sharon and Derek Gilbert

PSI-FI Para-Radio, with Hosts Donna Stewart and Bob Glazier

PsiOp Radio, with Hosts Mack White & SMiles Lewis

Questioning War-Organizing Resistance, Hosted by Carol Brouillet

Rabble Rousing, hosted by Chamba Lane

Radio Amerika Now, with Host Barb Adams
Saturday, September 19, 9 PM

Radio Free Lenawee, with Rev. Rick Strawcutter

Radio Liberty, with Dr. Stan Montith ►

Rayedio RMN, with Host Rayelan Allan
Thursday, October 1, 1 PM

Red Ice Radio, hosted by Henrik Palmgren ►

Residual Hauntings Live, with co-hosts Russ Larsen and Tom A. Carr, Founder of Wasatch Paranormal Investigators

Revelation, with Bonnie Valentine

Riell Truth with Howard M. Riell

Robin Zodiac, Top Secret Psychic Agent

Rock Talk, with Allan Handelman

Roy Basnett Show

Rumor Mill News Radio, Hosted by Rayelan Allan ►

Rusty O'Nhiall's Haunted Downunder Radio

Rusty O'Nhiall's Mysterious and Unexplained

Scott Sloan Show

Sovereign Mind Radio, Hosted by Sonia Barrett ►

Shadows in the Dark, hosted by Jeremiah Greer and Olav Phillips ►

SPEAK OUT! with Leon Catlett ►

Speaking of Strange? hosted by Joshua P. Warren ►

Sphinx Radio, hosted by William H. Kennedy ►

Spirit Connections Hosted By Donna Voll ►


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