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 In addition to publishing books and World Explorer magazine Adventures Unlimited has also produced a number of videos over the years. In 2008 AUM began phasing out VHS tapes, putting some of those programs on DVDs, as well as coming out with a whole new line-up of DVDs.



The Mystery of the Olmecs, with David Hatcher Childress
Starwars, Alternative 003 And The Moon
HAARP & Weather Warfare, with Jerry E. Smith
Extraterrestrial Archeology: The DVD! with David Hatcher Childress
Ancient Technology In Egypt, with David Hatcher Childress and Christopher Dunn
UFO Secrets Of WWII
Atlantis, Mu And Ancient Technology, with David Hatcher Childress
Reich Of The Black Sun, with Joseph P. Farrell
Wonder Of The Worlds, with Sesh Heri
Oracle Of The Illuminati, with William Henry
The Shadow Government, Inslaw/PROMIS and The Octopus, with Kenn Thomas

Tiki--Mysterious Icon of the Pacific, with Doug Nason
Secrets of the Holy Lance, with Jerry E. Smith
The Lost City Complete Serial
Ancient Technology In Peru and Bolivia, with David Hatcher Childress and
Christopher Dunn
The Search for the Crystal Skulls, with Dr. J.J. Hurtak, David Hatcher
Childress, Stephen S. Mehler and Bill Homann
Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled, with Acharya S
Technology of the Gods: The Incredible Scinces of the Ancients, with
David Hatcher Childress
The Land of Osiris, with Stephen S. Mehler
Paul Bennewitz and the Dulce, New Mecios Underground UFO Base, with Greg
Guardians of the Holy Grail, with Mark Amaru Pinkham
The Phantom Empire, With Gene Autry
Ancient Technology in Central America, with David Hatcher Childress and
Christopher Dunn
Mysterious Creatures of the Southwest, with Christopher O'Brien
The GEM Unification Theory, with Dr. John Brandenburg
Atlantis, Megaliths, Tesla and ET Archeology, with David Hatcher Childress

VHS Tapes
(most of which have been discontinued)

Extraterrestrial Archeology: The Video, with David Hatcher Childress
Remote Viewing & The Hemi-Sync Process, with Skip Atwater
Alternative 3: The Video
Free Energy Device Video: A Video Compilation of Reports and Patents
Bloodline of the Holy Grail, with Laurence Gardner
Mysteries of the Gods, Hosted by William Shatner
Kenn Thomas On Conspiracy
Ancient Civilizations and Technologies, with David Hatcher Childress
The Eye of the Storm, Narrated by Stan Deyo
The Truth behind September 11, with Mike Ruppert
UFOs and Star Wars -- Has The Battle Begun?
Lost Cities, Atlantis & Ancient Technology, with David Hatcher Childress
Mutants, Freaks & Genetic Engineering
Invasion From Space: A Hollywood History
Dinosaurs Alive: A Hollywood History
JFK, Area 51 and the Moon
Superman vs. Tesla
The Anti-Gravity Conspiracy Video
Bruce Cathie In Conference
Mind Control, Spies and the Octopus
Lost Cities Video Scrapbook, with David Hatcher Childress
The History of Free Energy, Anti-Gravity & Government Suppression, with
Stan Deyo
Stan Deyo in Conference
Ancient Secrets: The Mystery of the Earth Grid, with Paul White

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