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World Explorers Club

Please visit: http://www.wexclub.com

What Is Your Idea of

* Discovering puzzling megalithic remains on Pacific Islands?
* Digging for treasure on remote tropical beaches?
* Sailing ocean currents testing theories of migration?
* Diving to explore mysterious underwater ruins?
* Paddling an unexplored Amazon tributary?
* Hacking through thick jungle in search of lost cities?
* Trekking shifting sands to a lost city in the Kalahari?
* Climbing the Himalayas to remote Tibetan Monasteries?

With a Membership in the
World Explorers Club (WEX)


* Receive a Welcome Letter, a Certificate of Membership suitable for framing, and a handful of cool WEX stickers;

* Read fascinating firsthand accounts of adventure and exploration in our magazine World Explorer. When you join you receive the current issue and the four immediate back issues – then you’ll receive each new issue published in the following year (three issues per year). You also are entitled to a free 25-word classified ad in World Explorer;

* Have access to the many WEX affiliated clubhouses and bookstores in the US (Illinois, Arizona, & New Mexico); Canada (Ontario); and around the world: Peru, Amsterdam, Liverpool, Glastonbury and Kathmandu;

* Receive a 10% discount on books, DVDs, CDs and other merchandise purchased from ADVENTURES UNLIMITED PRESS (AUP);

* Receive advance notice of, and discounted admission to Lectures, Seminars, Video Presentations, and Conferences;

* Receive advance notice of, and discounted rates for WEX sponsored guided expeditions to exotic and historic locations like Egypt, Mayan Central America and the South Pacific.

You get all of the above with a Regular US ($25) or Regular Foreign Membership ($40).

With a WEX Contributing Membership ($50.00) you receive all the above plus a handsome WEX lapel pin and a WEX logo baseball cap.

With a WEX Supporting Membership ($80.00) you get all the above plus a special WEX DVD, a WEX logo coffee mug, and a WEX logo T-shirt (be sure to specify your size!), plus other goodies.

When you renew your annual subscription you will receive a free AUP book, our newest stickers and still more goodies.

With a WEX Lifetime Membership ($800) you get the whole Kit and Kaboodle and much, much more – for life! You get all new WEX products as they are released. You will be treated like visiting Royalty when you put in an appearance at any of the WEX affiliated clubhouses and bookstores, and you are always welcome to stay in one of the special themed guest rooms in the Kempton WEX Clubhouse (chose from such rooms as Pacifica, Egypt, The Observatory or Angels) free of charge.

If this is excitement to you, then you should be a member of the World Explorers Club, a club founded by some old hands at exploring the remote, the exotic and quite often the mysterious regions of planet Earth. We're a group dedicated to the exploration, discovery, understanding and preservation of the mysteries of man and nature. We go where few have ventured and dare to challenge traditional academic dogma in our collective effort to learn the truth.

Send your membership dues (check, money order or credit card number with expiration date) to:

World Explorers Club World Headquarters
403 Kemp Street, Kempton, IL 60946 USA

Tel: 815 253-9000
Fax: 815 253-6300

To subscribe online, order WEX merchandise or back issues of World Explorer magazine click to: http://www.adventuresunlimitedpress.com/categories.php?cat=33

WEX is not affiliated with the Explorers Club of New York.

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By Jerry E. Smith:

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